Something Rather Special


Jo Malone – Blue Agava & Cacao

On Saturday something rather magical happened. The momentous occasion occurred once the sun had set and my thoughts were turning to the land of slumber. Before I could drift off and count sheep, out of a suitcase that had landed hours before came this beauty. I’ve had my eye on the infamous Jo Malone perfumes for a while, their deluxe packaging and sophisticated scents were something I knew I wanted to add to my perfume collection but alongside the luxury brand image they ooze, there is a luxury price tag to match. Luckily for those jet setters out there Jo Malone has a counter at Terminal 5 in Heathrow. Any excuse to jump onto a plane and head somewhere exotic, not only can you sun yourself somewhere far away, you can also snap up a Jo Malone perfume at a discounted price.

The scent of choice that I opted for is the Blue Agava & Cacao Cologne. Part of the floral family this contains hints of lime, grapefruit and blue ageva flower. Although this is nestled into the Jo Malone floral category, this isn’t your traditional floral scent. With the rawness of cacao and a soft musk combined it gives a much deeper and richer fragrance. Compared to other highstreet perfumes you only need a couple of spritzes to last you throughout the day. The fragrance lingers on your skin and you can smell the different notes as the day progresses. Sitting pride of place in my wardrobe, and saved for special occasions only, this fragrance lives up to everything Jo Malone has to offer.