Budget Eye Fixers


Optrex Eye Revive Range*

My eyes are the first tell tail signs of how I am feeling. Lack of sleep, too long in front of a computer screen, you name it and my eyes are going to show it. Considering the amount of products I currently have within my skincare stash it’s impressive that I don’t own more tricks and concoctions to take care of my tired peepers. Eye creams aside, the clever people over at Optrex have three key items that are designed to help bring your eyes back to their beautiful best. These items can be used alone or together for the ultimate eye care indulgence. They help to restore your eyes moisture levels from the inside out to keep them bright throughout the day.

Starting with the Moisture Mist this gives a hydration kick to any tired or dry eyes. A light and fine mist that doesn’t smudge makeup, it contains hydration liposomes and pro-vitamin B5 to restore the moisture in the delicate area around the eyes. Paired with the Eye Revive Smoothing Roll-On this cooling gel helps to perk up eyes and prevents wrinkles. It doesn’t drag or pull at the skin but instead gives a kick of life back into your eyes.

For a final burst of brightness there is the Eye Revive Brightening Drops. Before giving these a whirl I had some serious doubts about their whitening and brightening claims, it seemed too good to be true! However, as the packaging suggests, all you need is a couple of drops and you are left with eyes that glisten and look less red and more awake. The magic is down to the natural plant extracts and these have been my go to saviour on a weekday morning. Each item within the range can be found in your local Boots or Superdrug at a steal of a price and then your eyes will be back to their beaming beauties.

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