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Elemental Herbology Weekend Facial – £30

This little mask collection has been sitting rather hidden on my blog as of yet. Picked up before Christmas took over, these have been incorporated into my ‘weekly mask routine’ and are helping to give life and light to my dull and dry skin. From the brand Elemental Herbology this kit is the perfect introduction to the brand. Known for outstanding skincare items this set of three masks will have all your bases covered, just the right amount to give each mask a througher testing but also housed in a rather handy travel sized bottle meaning you can pop your favourite into your next travel bag. From radiance to detox to even hydration, all you need for a triple threat facial is ready for you in a single pouch.

The first mask I would use out of the set is the Facial Glow Radiance Peel. Think REN Glycolatic Mask this this helps to zap away dry or sullen skin. Containing a mixture of vitamins and skin-brightening botanicals this will exfoliate away any dead skin cells and leave your skin looking more radiant. After a bit of a spruce up I then turn to a mask that will really work deep into my pores. the Facial Detox Purifying Mask does just this and is similar to your standard clay mask that sets on the skin. I find this doesn’t dry out as much compared to the Origins Clear Improvements cousin, however it does a fab job of cleaning out an impurities and steering off any underlying blemishes.

Once you have cleaned and buffed away at your skin it’s time to finish things of with a big old dosing of hydration. The Biodynamic Facial Souffle Intensive Hydration and Repair Mask is for such an occasion and works at giving your skin all the nourishment it needs to look it’s happy and glowing self. Helping to sooth, hydrate and plump the amino acids and boosting botanicals will keep your skin in check. I have been really impressed by every mask in the range and now I understand why this brand receives so much love. Each product does it’s job without stripping my skin or leaving it feeling sore or sensitive. The masks have a light and botanical fragrance and my skin has been lapping them up.

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