The Edit: L’Oreal Hair Oils

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The other day I realised something pretty miraculous. It was only when I was reaching for an oil to impart a sense of sleekness and smooth into my hair, I noticed this impressive feat, my top three oils come from the powerhouse that is, L’Oreal. I’m not overly sure how I’ve managed to stock up on three different types of hair oils from the same brand but stock up I have done. Although it is rather excessive to be in possession of so many items for the same purpose I do find that I reach for a specific one depending on my hair need for the day. Don’t worry I’m not advocating that you need to rush out and buy all three at once but depending on your hair type and styling desires there is a L’Oreal Oil for you.

For the General Styling – The newest oil in my grips and the one I reach for the most is from the Ever Riche Range* and comes in terms of their Oil Precieux. This is the only oil I have that comes in a spray bottle and is light enough to be used on a daily basis yet it works perfectly with fine or limp hair as it doesn’t sit heavy or weigh your hair down. Dream worker against stubborn dry tips this can either be sprayed directly onto you hair and combed through or popped into the palms of your hands and then distributed out.

For the Stubborn Tresses – When you find yourself in need of a more sturdy and oil like formula the Mythic Oil* is your perfect match. The thicker consistency means it helps to combat the most dry hair but again it doesn’t cause it to lie flat or lifeless. My only grip with this is that it leaves a slick on my hands that has to be washed out but putting that aside it is the best fix whenever I have gone a bit OTT with the dry shampoo.

For Added Volume – Oh yes there is even an oil (well serum) for all you volume lovers out there. Part of the Fibrology range the Double Serum can be used on wet or dry hair to help plumpen out each strand of hair. With the revolutionary new filloxane ingredient this helps to expand hair from within. To reduce any frizz or stray hair this does the trick without reducing any of the oomph you have managed to create.

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  • Lyndsey Smile

    I have used Mythic oil since its release and love it for my thick very stubborn hair.

  • Yu

    Oil Precieux <3 My fave.

  • I love L’Oreal oils! Im using the Extroadinary oil and I love it :)

    Berrie-Blogs |Beauty Blog

  • Kerm

    I am really loving L’oreal’s Essential Oils! It’s fantastic!

  • Lou S

    I really want to try L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil, I have dry and stubborn hair and I’m sure it will work great!


  • I really want to try the Ever Riche oil. I’ve used the Mythic Oil before, but it was a little on the heavy side for my fine hair.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  • I love hair oils! I don’t think I’ve ever tried a L’Oreal one though… the Mythic Oil sounds perfect for my poor dried locks in this winter. Great post :)

    Steph | Misc. Bliss

  • Emma

    I’ve been using the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil for ages and I LOVE it. You just rub a few drops between your palms into wet hair and it gives your hair an amazing shine! Great post! :)


  • Jane

    I swear by good quality Moroccan Argan Oil as they are nourishing without being greasy and my absolute favourite is Orofluido. As a hairdresser I found this oil worked on many different hair types and though initially may seem expensive you need so little so the product lasts and lasts – great value. Very interested to read about the L’Oreal product and I’ll look out for them – Thanks