Caudalie SOS Serum


Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum – £27.55

With cold weather comes wind and with wind comes dry skin. Hand in hand like fish and chips as soon as the gust outdoors starts to pick up speed, my skin reverts back to a stubborn teenager and the dry patches begin to appear. Considering I normally sit quite firmly in the ‘combination/oily’ bracket, the world of dry skin can be slightly baffling to me. Having spent many a year trying to banish to shine and keep everything look matte, combating the moment of temporary dryness has left me ransacking my skincare cabinet and overloading on the oils and serums to help return everything to a more balanced state. Although I tried a number of different skins I found a void in my skincare routine. To quickly solve this (and to target the dryness) I picked up the Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum.

The is a popular item from the powerhouse Caudalie and is specifically for those with dehydrated or dry skin. Suitable for all skin types the ingredients, which include Organic Grape Water and hyaluronic acid, don’t just help to add a layer of moisturiser on top of your skin, they kick things off from within to help restore moisture levels and add balance back to your skin. The consistency of the serum itself is far from viscous. A water like substance applied after cleansing this helps to bring out the power of your moisturiser and leaves your skin plum and radiant throughout the day. For me, better then hydraluron, this has encouraged my dry skin to leave my face for good.

  • Emily Golding

    This sounds like a game changer, Im going to look into this more!

    Emily xx

  • This sounds good! I dont have dry skin but when it comes to winter this has to be in my list !

    BerrieBlogs – Beauty Blog x

  • Sarah

    I’ve just finished a sample of this and have adored it – I’m the same as you with oily/combo skin normally but this weather is wreaking havoc on my skin – this is the only thing to have settle it down again – might have to pick up the full size!


  • Sue

    This one is on my wishlist since Estee mentioned it’s better then Hydraluron. :) And now you… I MUST BUY! :D

  • expatmuaddict

    Hello lovely, I bought this recently and it’s nestled in my stash. I like Caudalie but have started to question their ingredients recently-I have just finished a moisturisor and there were no significant skincare ingredients that were skin enhancing. BUT it won’t stop me using it as my skin seems to really like Caudalie (apart from the Beauty Elixir)

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

    • Ah thats interesting! Will have to take a better look at what they have inside their products!xx

  • Diane J

    I need this. PRONTO. I have several dry patches too and they’re bothering me to no end. I do suffer from dry skin but it’s never been this bad. Damn you winter and wind. The wind over the last couple of days has been horrendous, to say the least. The formula sounds like a winner to me. Going to add this Quenching Serum to my .list now. Thanks Siobhan for sharing. :)

  • Celina

    I’ve heard great things about this product. It sound incredible! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • Kerm

    Caudalie are everywhere at the moment. :) I’ve to still and use a serum, never used one before, whoops :P

  • Shireen

    Thanks for this review, I might just splurge and finally get this serum! :-)

  • Amy

    I’m a bit like yourself, I have oily/combination skin so when I start to get dehydrated areas I tend to get a little flustered! I’ve seen this product featured so many times and have thought about splurging on it in the past as it sounds really good.

    Amy x