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Glamglow Mud Mask | Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque

Santa and I have a bit of a tradition going on. For the past couple of years, come Christmas morning, he treats me to a couple of masks to help keep my skin in check and help prevent any potato induced breakouts ;) He is a kind old fellow and if you remember my post from last year (which you can find here) he is pretty darn great at picking out a winning option, or two! This time around Santa graced my stocking (and face) with these two gems, the GlamGlow Mud Mask and the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask. Both of these have been at the top of my wish list for quite a while, it’s like he had a little elf or something letting him know what was on my list (thanks Mum!) Cult masks that have received a lotta love in the beauty world throughout 2013, it’s time to slap them on, sit back, relax and let them work their magic.

The most well known out of the two would probably be the Aesop Parsely Seed Masque. A purifying and hydrating mask combined, this is one of those all rounder products that can be used on any occasion. Place a thin layer on your skin and it will begin to set similar to a clay mask. Either used alone or as part of a triple threat facial night, this helps to clear up my skin without stripping or leaving it feeling dry. The lesser known of the two goes to the GlamGlow Mud Mask. An expensive little number however you only need to apply a small amount (I’ve already used this mask twice and you can hardly notice a dent in the pot). This mask is unique in the way it tingles once applied, nothing to worry about it just means it’s doing it’s job. A more traditional clay mask this sets on the skin after the tingling has ended. I’ve found this mask gives me the most instant results after it’s removed. My skin looks brighter, more radiant and any blemishes look less angry. This small pot will still last you a while and it is also the perfect size if you want to take a mask on holiday with you. Thank you Santa for helping to make my skin beautiful

Do you have any traditions with Santa when it comes to your stocking? What were some of your favourite presents that you received?

  • Jessie

    I really need to get into masks more. I’ve got so many laying around and I hardly ever use them: all bad! Don’t really have any Santa traditions but I got a lovely Kneipp gift set from my sister which I’ve been trying out all week.

    • Once you get hooked on a mask routine it will stick – I can’t be without them anymore!xx

      • Jessie

        Do you have like set times or days when you use a mask? I guess I could try to fit it in before shower or bath time every other day…hmmm worth a try lol

        • Usually – I pop on a mask on Wednesday and Friday nights then on Sunday I try and do a triple threat facial!xx

  • nia

    Santa done good. I’ve heard great things about GlamGlow pretty keen to try this bad boy out myself.
    Great Blog.

  • Amy

    I’d like to expand my horizon more on clay masks, I currently only have one and whilst I do like it I’d like to see what the others out there can do.

    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

    • I used to only have one thinking they were all the same but it’s amazing how different they actually are xx

  • Berrie-Blogs.blogspot.com

    I really want the Aesop mask berrie-blogs.blogspot.com xx

  • Berrymix

    I loooove the Glamglow mud mask! I got a small tube from my Ipsy bag and now I think I have to repurchase the full sized one!


  • Kerm

    I love nothing more than a good face mask! Fantastic for the skin and it’s a little something extra to pamper your skin with. I’m loving Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty at the moment :) I always end up with a chocolate Santa in my sock, yum!