New Effaclar Lovin

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Effaclar Duo + – £11.62*

One of the most hyped about skincare items has turned around and surprised us all with a ‘new and improved’ formula. I am always dubious when it comes to a reformulation as I don’t like to mess with the the tried, tested and loved. Change isn’t always a good thing and when an alteration arrives in the form of a staple skincare item, alarm bells can ring. Although I proceed with a cautious foot this doesn’t stop my spider senses from tingling and these such occasions usually results in me eager to get my hands on the newbie in town. This is pretty much what happened with the launch of the new Effaclar Duo [+]. I just had to find out how much the addition of this mysterious [+] impacted my much loved skincare item and would it manage to knock the old version off the shelf and banish it to the back of the cupboard?

The popularity of the original Effaclar Duo is shown by the fact three are sold every minute globally. Although the popularity lives on, La Roche-Posay noticed that there was something missing from this formula. Although imperfections were corrected and pores unclogged, the marks that such blemishes could leave were not being treated. These marks can be quite stubborn and prove to be even more problematic then the original issue itself. Now thanks to this reformulation you get every based covered. Blemishes, clogged pores, excess sebum and now scene marks are all taken care of in one switch sweep. From initial use I’ve found the texture and feel of the product to be pretty identical. The main difference is the product feels slightly thicker to me. So far I haven’t had any adverse effects from the magical [+] (wahoo!) but we shall see how things pan out after a month or so. Will you be trying out this new version of the ever popular Effaclar Duo? What are your thoughts on the reformulation?

*pr sample