Budget Cleansing Balm


Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm – £14.50

Budget and cleansing balm are two things that I thought would never come together and receive my seal of approval. Not only has it done that, it has surpassed all my expectations and *potentially* blown other cleansing balms out of the water. Side bar, these thoughts may alter as this is only an ‘initial thoughts’ post. Part of my skincare routine for a mere week, a full testing and review period is yet to be done but on first impressions I think we are onto a winner. When it comes to beauty products I can usually tell after the first couple of uses whether I like it or not, maybe it’s because of my sixth sense (that is reserved purely for the judgement of beauty products duh) but I think we are onto a good one. Fingers crossed nothing changes.

Merumaya are a brand that has only recently come onto my radar. Launched not so long ago in October 2012, this was available initially in John Lewis but is rapidly appearing in a number of other department stores and chains. The buzz currently surrounds the Melting Cleansing Balm which can be picked up for a steal price of only £14.50 (a bargain in comparison to other popular cleansing balms). Available in a tube format there is a soft fragrance to this balm that massages and melts into the skin to lift away make up and cleanse. Containing Sweet Almond Oil and Echium Oil which provides a bountiful of Omegas to look after the skin, you get the skincare benefits all wrapped up in a cleansing balm that is a joy to use.

Initial use has left my skin soft, smooth and clearer. I find that having the product in a tube makes it more hygienic and also I find it easier to ensure that I am not wasting any product. In comparison to other balm cleansers I have tried, I prefer the slight scent over the scentless Clinique Cleansing Balm. The texture is also softer and it melts into the skin easier. In terms of the REN Cleansing Balm, the Merumaya still wins it for me. As opposed to being a hard balm that you melt in your hands, the consistency is more towards a gel/balm which makes easier to use and doesn’t feel as hard on your skin. Overall this gets a big two thumbs up – here’s hoping I don’t report back in another two weeks saying the opposite!!

  • Leanne Webber

    Oh wow I need to try this! Currently using the Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm but as this some is so cheap I have to give it a go!

    Thanks for the post :)

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  • Lets Talk Beauty

    I love this stuff, its budget friendly & leaves my skin so smooth & clean. Can’t wait to hear how you get on with it


  • Berrie-Blogs.blogspot.com

    I would love to try this :) berrie-blogs.blogspot.com xx

  • Andy

    I haven’t tried this one, but I love cleansing balms. My favourite is Balmology Neroli & SweetBasil Cleansing Balm http://samsaraskin.com/products-page/ageing/balmology-neroli-sweet-basil-cleansing-balm/ It’s a true cleansing balm & doesn’t ‘melt’. Love it!

  • Kerm

    I really wanted to try out a cleansing balm as there’s huge hype around them, but they all cost so much! If I come across this one, I may pick it up! :)


  • Amy

    Fingers crossed you still feel the same about this in a few weeks time. I look forward to seeing your conclusion on it as I do like the sound of it a lot.

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing