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With Christmas Day done and dusted it’s time for the Boxing Day sales to commence. I’ve never been one of those people to queue outside Next at 3am in the morning (seriously I don’t know how anyone does it!) so instead I brace the bargains from the comfort of my own home carefully hidden away behind my laptop. Each year the sales seem to be starting earlier and earlier with the Feel Unique sale landing as early as Monday. One of my top online destinations for beauty, shopping their sales always manages to keep me spending those pennies throughout the Christmas period. Although this rather sizeable haul happened before the sale started (always the way) a few of these great sets have now popped up with a very handy red percentage sign with money off – time to get spending that Christmas money!

At the top of my list when it came to filling my online basket was to finally try out some haircare bits from the brand Redken. Surprisingly enough I have never ventured into the world of Redken. Their tailor made protein technology formulas receive a lotta love so I quickly put this wrong to right and picked up the Redken Colour Extend Gift Set. Now in the sale for only £19.68 you get a shampoo and conditioner in the box alongside a Redken Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Spray. After a couple of washes I am suitably impressed with the range. I’ve found the formula to help give my hair volume and life without stripping any of it’s colour or shine. I haven’t quite worked out how to use the Finishing Spray yet but all in good time!

A second haircare item that swindled it’s way into my bag was the L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil. This is also a highly hyped product and I’ve been meaning to try this oil out for far too long, again I bit the bullet and sent one on my way. If you too have this hovering around the top of your wish list now is your chance to snap it up for the sale price of only £12.30. A lightweight yet nourishing oil this helps to keep frizz at bay whilst taming any dry tips. My indulgent item comes in the form of the Elemental Herbology Weekend Facial. Sadly not in the sale this kit comprises of a trio of the brands best selling masks and a muslin cloth thrown in for good measure.

The masks you get are the; Facial Glow and Radiance PeelFacial Detox Purifying Facial Mask and the Biodynamic Facial Souffle Intensive Hydration and Repair Mask. You have everything you need in this set from a exfoliating mask to banish dead skin cells, a deep cleansing clay mask to sort out your pores and even an overnight hydration mask to keep your skin nourished after all those other masks! If, like me you like to indulge in a triple threat facial every now and again, this set is ready to go and all of the masks are come in a handy travel size bottle for you to indulge in whilst away too. If that isn’t enough for you Feel Unique run discount codes throughout the year and often supplement your order with a few freebies, hello Antiac Cleanser and Eylure lashes! Now I just need to stop myself for buying everything else they’ve put in the sale ;)

*partly bought with a pr gift voucher

  • Nice haul! I am loving those eylure lashes!

  • Lovely stuff and the eyelashes look lush!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Beth Bradley

    I saw some things on the feel unique sale but didn’t like them enough to get my bank card out. Bit disappointed with the sales this year.

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

    • I always struggle to find stuff I like in the sales – or I end up buying things that I’ll never use!xx

  • chewbaccaj

    I was really impressed with the Feel Unique sale – have ordered a Burt’s Bees kit with three full size products for just £13.49, so I’m chuffed!