Nourish Argan Beauty Collection – £24.95*

If you are a fan of organic and vegan friendly beauty products then you should know all about the brand Nourish. A company that uses biodegradable ingredients and plant extracts obtained from organic farming, you know that every item available is going to be kind to not only your skin but also the environment. Created by Dr Pauline Hili, a organic skincare specialist, her wealth of knowledge and experience has enabled a range to be brought to market that combines science and nature to push the boundaries of organic beauty. If, like me, you haven’t heard of or tried this wonderful brand before, do not fear. Nourish offer a number of gift sets and starter sets that enable you to try out some of the best items from the brand in one easy to use pack.

One of the tantalising gift packs available is the Argan Beauty Collection. A three piece set that contains all argan inspired products, perfect for those who are a fan of the oil or want to introduce it into their skincare routine. Containing an Argan Skin Rescue Treatment, Argan Skin Renew and Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer you will have all bases covered. Individually these beauties will give you glowing and radiance boosted skin, but combined, your skin is elevated to a whole new level. The Skin Rescue Treatment helps to restore distressed skin, blotchy areas are reduced and I’ve also found this helps out with any scaring. Next up, the Skin Renew aids in hydration levels and provides a barrier against external environmental factors. 

For me, the winner in the kit is the Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer. Containing Golden mineral powders this helps to lift and enhance your complexion, an absolute must for these gloomy winter days. The addition of Active Tonka Bean to the ingredients means that light is emitted to really give skin that luminous appearance. Uneven skin tones are masked and the addition of Aloe Vera helps to keep everything looking smooth and firm. Upon first impressions Nourish have knocked it out the park. Each product works wonders for your skin and you can be rest assured that everything inside is organic and sourced sustainably. Now just to try out more from the brand!

*pr sample