Luxury Eye Cream


La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex 15ml – £88*

After sharing my morning beauty routine (and displaying my lack of an eye cream) I have now done a complete 180 and gone for one of the most expensive eye products on the market. Move aside budget and goodbye luxury for I have now hopped, skipped and jumped my way into the world of the truly lavish. From the Swiss skincare brand La Prairie I have been using their Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex to give my eyes some intense TLC. Housed within a silver box and blue glass bottle, this product is aimed at firming the eye area with some seriously upmarket ingredients.

First things first I don’t think I have ever applied something so expensive to my face. Belonging to a brand that I brush past in the beauty halls as I know their price points are more then out my budget, you do expect instant results and an immediate ‘wow factor’ from the first application. With a gel like consistency you use the applicator to dispense a small amount onto your ring finger and apply it lightly onto the skin under your eyes this helps. This helps to firm, freshen and revitalise the area and surrounding skin.

I don’t know whether I expected too much from this eye cream or whether I haven’t been using it   long enough, but so far I haven’t noticed any drastic difference. This may be down to the fact this has a lot to contend with thanks to lack of sleep, dark mornings and long days. I do find it helps to make my eyes feel more awake but sadly the deepest dark areas are still showing through. Maybe it’s an acquired taste or maybe I am too cynical but I am quite content in bypassing the caviar treatments from now on and sticking with my standard eye creams.

*pr sample

  • Sarah Beth

    I think I always have higher expectations with anything on the more luxury side of things, but I think that’s alright- you are supposed to be paying for something better.. but sometimes you do just pay for the brand. I’d stick with the standard ones xxx


  • That’s a shame that you didn’t find it better, especially for the price point! I have always been under the idea that you get what you pay for, but maybe that’s not the case!

    Paula at Beauty Lover