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juicy couture
juicy couture
juicy couture

Juicy Couture Limited Edition Viva la Juicy 100ml Parfum – £85*

Disclaimer – don’t let the photos above sway your opinion on the product inside. With this rather loudly designed bottle and satin outer packaging, it’s what’s hidden beneath that may just be able to change your initial presumptions. Look at me sounding all official and strict but honestly I had to tell myself the same thing. Since surpassing the age of eighteen my tastes and choices have matured with each year I’ve gotten older. Gone are the brightly coloured makeup looks and my patterned dresses have been shunned to the back of the cupboard. Looking at this fragrance from its outer box down to the rather lavish adorned bling detail, I assumed this was more suited towards my younger days and made the foolish mistake of dismissing it and assuming it just ‘wasn’t for me’.

Oh how misinformed was I! As with all things from the Juicy Coture brand this perfume doesn’t disappoint and is loud and in your face as their clothing line. No misplacing this bottle on your dressing room table, it screams it’s presence from wherever kept. I love a bit of bling every now and again and this certainly bring it when it comes to that department. Lavish packaging aside though it is the fragrance inside that is really special. A unique mixture of sweet notes with a few deep ones that linger on your skin thoughout the day. The Viva la Juicy fragrance has really won me over. Everytime I wear it I get complements and from the first spritz till the end of the day the scent doesn’t wear away. As a gift for someone who is a fan of the brand or just as a uber special treat, this is a perfume that everyone will remember.

*pr sample

  • Jackie

    I really want this perfume and now that they have a limited edition version I might have to ask Santa!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • Kelly C.

    viva la juicy is one of my favorite scents!

  • Nichol

    Such a beautiful scent! The limited edition bottle looks so lovely! :)