Flamingo on a Candle?


Pink Lemonade Classic Square Jar Candle – £12*

Are you sick of me talking about candles yet? No, good as I’m just getting started ;) All throughout the colder seasons I will sound like a broken record but it’s the sacrifice I am willing to take to share these burning bundles of joy with you (that sounded better in my head I promise). Todays candle addition is another newbie onto the scenes and it it’s from the brand Flamingo Candles. They are a fun and quirky company that produce and sell handmade and organic candles, sensing a theme yet ;) Hand poured in Britain it helps to keep the business local and I’m all for supporting British companies.

Flamingo Candles offer an enticing range of scented candles and melts. Pictured above is the Classic Square Jar Candle in the scrumptious scent of Pink Lemonade. From this jar you get up to 50 hours of burn time and as the candle is made from soybeans and natural cotton wick you get a longer and cleaner burn that is non-toxic. The fragrance itself fills the room and the combination of strawberries and lemon juice infused with Champagne fizz (no wonder I like it) smells utterly divine. I love that these candles come in a jar and I think the price point of £12 is pretty fair considering what’s inside.

Although this isn’t the most ‘Winter friendly’ option there are Halloween and Christmas collections comprising of Pumpkin & Chestnut, Spiced Apple, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Mulled Wine to name but a few. As either a gift for a friend or even a sneaky one for yourself the jars are charming and decorative and would fit in to any fireplace or mantlepiece. I can see a lot more flamingos popping up in my room soon ;)

*pr sample