Cult Shower Gel?


Escentric Molecules Shower Gels – £25*

Shower gel, one of life’s basic products alongside toothpaste, underwear and deodorant, however when it comes to cost would you fork out a luxury price tag for them? Fancy bathroom products have a habit of bypassing me as I am one of those people who likes to overload on shower gel and bathe in a bath full of bubbles. As my mantra is usually to overcompensate, cheap and cheerful is how I like to keep it. Although this is usually the case, when the word cult is associated with such a ‘basic’ product I found myself intrigued. Could something tagged with such hype sway me from my usual budget option?

The cult product in question comes from powerhouse Escentric Molecules, the company behind that fragrance that every blogger and vlogger has raved about. Their perfume is unique in the fact it contains a single molecule and smells different on each person that wears it. Following on from this success Edcentric Molecules have expanded their product directory and branched out into another section of the market, shower gels. Available in three scents; 01, 02, and 03, there is now a shower gel to match your favourite fragrance.

The fragrances are very unique and have quite a woody undertone, makes a change from all my sweet strawberry scents I usually go for! Unfortunately though the gift set pictured here is not currently on sale which I think is a real shame. Unless you are a lover of the brand, it seems a bit much to fork out £25 on a single shower gel. Gift sets are a better option in my opinion as you can try different scents and the sizes are perfect when it comes to travelling. Escentric Molecules haven’t bowled me over with luxury shower gels however a gift set like this would make a brilliant and unique gift – let’s just hope they release them!

*pr sample

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