Conditioning Those Tresses


Nanokeratin Replenish Colour Preseving Mask – £57.29*

I have fallen in love with a conditioning treatment, yes the day has arrived when a hair treatment has stolen my heart, but before I get too carried away there is a big massive elephant standing in front of both our faces that we need to address, the price. A price tag so big that I didn’t actually full appreciate how big it is until it came to writing this post. Instead I got all ahead of myself and dived straight in and subsequently fell head over heels, dammit. The mask in question is from a brand called Nanokeratin System. Never heard of them before? Me either but they are global leaders when it comes to professional hair care. What makes them unique is their revolutionary products are enhanced with biomimetic ingredients that mimic and replace lost keratin in your tresses. Fancy aye!

These mask treatments are available as an in-salon treatment or now via retail for a DIY experience. The inclusion of vitamins and essential oils within their ingredients means that these masks not only help to keep hair strong and smooth, they also makes your hair incredibly shiny. Initially from the packaging (and when not knowing the price) I wasn’t bowled over but refrained myself from judging a book by it’s cover. Instead I dived straight in and opted to give my dry tips some much needed love. To suit my coloured tresses I used the Re-Plenish Colour Preserving Mask which is aimed at reviving hair from within. Popped on after shampooing my hair I left it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing out.

Upon application I must admit I was a bit haphazard. I slathered this all over my roots and tips for good measure before washing it away. Even when wet I could feel how soft and smooth my hair was. This continued on to my blow dry and also two days post wash! If you are not a fan of soft, sleek and smooth hair then this isn’t for you but I found my dried out tips were in need of something this nourishing. It has made an instant difference and my hair cut looks more define, frizzyness has been banished and the sleek town is here to stay. I can already tell this will be something that I will treat my hair to once every couple of weeks to keep everything in check. I still think the cost is pretty outlandish but for something that works and comes in a massive 500ml pot, it has won me over.

*pr sample

  • Lisa B

    This sounds great, the price tag is a little scary but if you only use it every couple of weeks I’m sure it would last a little while. Might have to just put it on my Christmas wishlist and hope Santa is good to me for now though!

    Lisa x

  • Stefanie Meier

    The product sounds lovely but I’ve seen hair masques for way cheaper, I don’t know if I could part with that much money.

  • Who is not a fan of soft sleek smooth hair?? Sounds great to me! :-)

  • AuntyMiff

    I want to try but I think I’ll have to remortgage my house if I plan on buying it!

    Charlotte – x