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It may be the beginning of October and a new life chapter is looming for me right around the corner, but that hasn’t stopped me from sneaking off on a little trip away before work takes over. Back when this holiday was booked I had no idea we would have such a glorious Summer, but now the cooler air is starting to take over back in the UK is it the perfect time to run off to the sunshine. Due to packing up and moving all thoughts and planning for this trip flew out of the window, instead I reached for all my staple minis and product heroes to carry me through this week away.

For someone that can be a bit of a floozy when it comes to hair treatments, oils and serums, I have quite the collection of minis that I take whenever I travel. From Bumble & Bumble I brought along my trusty Surf Spray and Texture Creme to keep my hair looking full of life and volume. Dipping in and out of the pool can causes my tresses to lie flat and even more lifeless then normal so I find popping these in after my shower helps to give the oomph back to my roots. I have also got my L’Oreal Aqua Serum* which has been decanted into an empty Percy & Reed No Oil Oil bottle. This helps to tame any frizz and combat the humidity.

When it came to skincare I made sure I packed a bundle of hydrating and intensifying treatments as the flight, sun and pool all work away at drying out my skin. For an evening oil to replenish my skin overnight I looked no further then my beloved Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil*. It gives me the intense hydration my skin craves and helps to keep it in tip top condition come morning. I’ve also bought along my Hydraluron serum which was used on the plane. This plumps up the hyaluronic acid in my skin and helps it retain moisture throughout the day.

*pr sample

  • Rachael Stewart

    I finally managed to pick up Hydraluron and I can see what all the hype was about! The Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil looks great! :) x

    • It’s such a lovely product and works wonders when you are on holiday and your skin may feel dryer xx

  • Still haven’t tried Hydraluron – have resisted this far but think it may have to be purchased soon…

  • Beth Bradley

    I love the little B&B minis! Enjoy your trip away!

    Beth @