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Let’s see if I remember how to do an edits post considering it’s been so long since my last one ;) Slap on the wrist goes to me but what can I say, I’ve just been too enamoured with all the new beauty bits in my life (and these past few months there has been a fair few newbies popping up!) Now thats all out my system I’m ready to share with you the best of the bunch and this time it’s the world of body lotions. Oh yes those little pots of hydrating goodies that you slather onto your skin after a shower or before bed, they keep everything feeling soft and looking supple and leave a gorgeous sheen to your skin. Which ones are worth the dosh, which ones can be forgotten about and which ones smell truly scrumptious?

Best Overal LotionElemental Herbology Watermelon & Cucumber Body Moisturiser*

A lightweight lotion that packs in the moisture, sinks into your skin and helps any natural tan to last. It smells fresh and was my Summer staple.

Best Nourishing TreatmentSoap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream*

I love applying this body butter in the evenings before bed to leave it to soak in overnight whilst filling my room with a beautiful fragrance. This is the thickest consistency lotion I own and it’s enriching properties are deliciously hydrating.

Best Oil Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Oil*

The only body oil I’ve used that ticks all the boxes, smells incredible, doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and you still have super soft skin at the end of the day. Not only that, the smallest pump goes a long way.

Best for Tanning Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion

Want to build up or enhance your Summer glow, this is your best friend. Without making you orange or smelling like fake tan, this subtly builds up a natural glow to the skin which isn’t overpowering. A hint of colour that can be built up over time – all whilst keeping your skin nourished. Perfection!

Best for Innovation – Conscious Skincare Body Butter*

Body butter that is like a whipped mousse? Don’t mind if I do! The only product I’ve ever tried to have this texture the lightweight foam disperses into your skin to leave a soft sheen from the virgin coconut oil. Intense hydration whilst fun to apply!

*pr sample

  • Rachael Stewart

    My all time fave is Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion! On my second bottle now :) x

    Rachael | ♥

  • I love trying out new body butters/lotions.
    My favourite is S&G’s Righteous Butter and I have one pot in my bathroom, and one beside my bed, so I’m never likely to forget to use it.

  • Great post – I haven’t tried any of these, my favourites are the body shop body butters and the caudalie nourishing lotion x

  • It adds a lovely hint of colour to your skin – something I need in these cold days!xx