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Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Sensitive Body Lotion in Extreme Sun – £42.50

When it comes to me and that blazing inferno up in the sky, I might as we’ll be a vampire. Pop me out in the delectable sunshine and I instantly burn to a crisp. Even when I have factor 50 slathered head to toe, I can usually guarantee that when I step onto that plane home post holiday, my skin will be peeling. To counteract this seemly inevitable problem and whilst planning my October getaway to Dubai, my focus remained on investing in a product that would prevent me from burning. After having my eye on the Institut Esthederm range for a while I bit the bullet and picked up a bottle to take away with me.

Although you may be wondering why I’ve chosen to talk sun protection with you as thermometer numbers are dropping daily, you may have looming getaway to a sunny city planned or even tickets booked to whisk you away to the Bahamas for Christmas morning (one can dream). Therefore this revolutionary scientific approach to sun protection could be exactly what you need. I say scientific as the technology behind the Institut Esthederm products should come with a warning label requiring you to have a degree in chemistry. How they work I still haven’t fathomed but all I know is that they do, and do so well.

My understanding is that instead of taking the time it takes you to burn and multiplying that by the factor SPF you have applied (8mins till burning extended to 8×30 with an SPF of 30) the Institut Estederm range prevents burning full stop. Their products don’t contain an SPF as instead their ingredients work with the melanin in your skin to prevent burning from occurring. Not only do you avoid the redness and pain, you also achieve a safer and longer lasting tan. Dubious I was but I stuck with it, applied every hour whilst in the desert heat and not once did my skin turn slightly pink. The first time I have never burnt on holiday and even with November knocking on the door my tan is still going strong. For a five day trip I have come back with plenty to spare in the bottle for my next excursion. Expensive yes – but my new holiday saviour.