Let’s Talk Beauty


Following on from my rather indulgent and extreme post yesterday (yes I really do use 7 skincare items every morning!) I thought it would be best to balance things out a bit with a piece of humble pie. When immersed in the beauty industry either as a consumer or content creator, you can find yourself getting easily swept away with the current of everything beauty related. You find yourself obsessing over the perfect cleanser, getting jealous because someone else got that limited edition palette you’ve had you eye on and your days are spent working out when you can undertake your next beauty haul. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of new items that we are being exposed to so today I am taking a step back and focusing on those all important beauty milestones.

Skin Is Everything

No matter how many ‘ground breaking’ formulas come onto the market, never forget about your skin. Since spending the time to achieve a working skincare routine I’ve found myself using less makeup and wanting to show off my skin more. Yes breakouts still occur, we are all human, but nothing can compare to good skin. This doesn’t mean you have to own a £320 serum but get yourself a good routine that you stick to, always take your makeup off and invested in a couple of masks.

Makeup Goes Off

This might sound like an odd milestone but it’s something I need to remind myself off all too often. I may want to buy myself a third nude lipstick the same shade as all the others or pick up a shimmering Chanel eyeshadow, but if I don’t use it it will just go off. I have dried up cream shadows and off smelling lip-glosses that sit unloved and barely touched. Don’t spend money on something just to put in a box and leave it to go off.

More Makeup Doesn’t Cover a Multitude of Sins

I admit, I used to be one of those people that thought the more makeup I apply, the better. Naive I know but I treated it like a mask I would hide behind, the only problem was that said mask would highlight more flaws and imperfections then it would hide. Thick foundation, lashing of concealer and dark eyeliner stands out more then a natural makeup look. Apply makeup just to the areas where you need it and let the rest shine through.

Everyone is Different

Skin, tastes, budgets, they are all different and unique to you. Just like your fingerprint and DNA no two are the same and what may work for one person will not necessarily work for you. Testers and research will be your best friend and it usually takes me a while to buy a hyped product as I like to try it and make sure it is right for me first. Blogs are my fav way to gauge peoples opinions on a product and learn about what’s new on the market but at the end of the day they are tool that can be used to help you =)

  • Strawbry_Blonde

    Great idea for a post and a reminder that not everyone is as embroiled in beauty as we are – reality check! Some great tips here. :)

    Nic x


  • Such a great post.
    I’m guilty of all of these, especially the one about makeup going off!

  • abbysusanne

    Love this post its all so true i’m definitely guilty of forgetting make up goes off and getting caught up in the hype! xx

    An Uninventive Name

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    Great post!

    I’m getting better at removing my makeup & taking better care of my skin through products & diet. We are all different & I agree we all need to find a routine no matter how big or small that works for you x


    • Exactly – it doesn’t have to be the most complex/expensive one in the world as long as it works for you xx

  • Lisa Matthews

    This is a great post! Things we all need to remember some times! x