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Origins GinZing Moisturiser – £23 | Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Sea and Tropics Tanning Lotion in Extreme Sun – £42.50

When it comes to shopping, I seem to go through phases. I either spend zero money and save like there is no tomorrow, or I can’t seem to spend the money I have quick enough. With this elongated Summer (thank you weather!) I’ve found myself literally running out of my Summer wardrobe. My ‘staple’ items were getting re-worn so much I could hardly make it through the week and the need to replenish my wardrobe was getting rather desperate. This then resorted in a rather ludicrously large ASOS order being place and once the floodgates opened, there was no stopping me.

My initial purchase was in the form of the Origins GinZing Moisturiser. This has been on my wish-list since these little pots hit the beauty market a few months ago. Following on from the super popular GinZing Eye Cream, Origins launched an energy boosting moisturiser. I am already a fan of their High-Potency Nightamins and Make A Difference Plus+ (which has almost run out) and with my Origins VitaZing also on it’s last legs are you noticing a trend yet, it was time to rack up my Boots points and give this one a try. This has a super refreshing orange scent which helps to perk up your skin in the morning without being too overpowering. The perfect transitional item from Summer to Autumn and my skin has been drinking it up.

The second purchase is a bit ‘ohh la la’ shall we say. Yes I have splashed out and bought the scientifically mind-boggling Institut Esthederm Tanning Lotion. Not happy with seeing out the rest of the year without a beach break (even though with this glorious Summer I feel like I’ve already had three) Mum and I pushed the boat out a booked a trip away in October. Determined not to burn I invested in this tanning lotion, it doesn’t contain an SPF as instead of prolonging the time until you burn, it just stops you from burning. How it actually manages this I have no idea, but I am willing to give anything a go to stop me turning out like a typical lobster Brit.

Have you given any of this beauty bits a try? Would love to know your thoughts!

  • He he I am exactly the same as you! I spend nothing and then once I make a tiny little purchase it’s like I can’t stop – I’ve made 8 feelunique orders the last two weeks lol! You’ve picked some great items, I’ve got the Origins moisturiser as well but yet to try and I’ve used the Institut Esthederm sun products for years – they are wonderful, you’ll love them :) x

    • Wow that is impressive! You should have an award for that ;) Am really excited to give the Institut Estherderm product a go xx

      • lol I wish there was an award for excessive makeup shopping lol!! xx

  • Holly

    I really want to try the origins moisturiser! I just featured it in my autumn lust list! I’m also the same, I do so well not spending then all of a sudden I break the good habit and splurge! xxx

  • Lou S

    I’m a big fan of Origins High potency Nightamins too, and this moisturizer is on my wishlist as well! Waiting for your review!