Origins GinZing Moisturiser


GinZing Moisturiser – £23 | Make A Difference Plus+ – £34*

Whenever I am looking for a new skincare item, want to shake up my routine or am having an unexpected breakout, the brand I go to is Origins. This company and it’s bevy of skincare beauties has been at the forefront of my entire beauty life. Sounds dramatic I know, but I used their products back in my teenage days, have had a number of their makeup items reach the everyday status and still a number of their masks and treatments are used weekly, even daily for some. I find that Origins has the perfect product for pretty much every skin type/problem and their price point makes them pretty affordable, especially given how well they work.

One of the key skincare items I rely on Origins for is my morning moisturiser. After using Make A Difference Plus+ though-out Winter/Spring and switching up to Vitazing in the warmer months, it was time to change back to moisturiser that would help my skin adapt to the cooler temperatures. Not wanting to layer on anything too thick yet I opted for Origins latest release, GinZing Moisturiser. This is a hydrating moisturiser that helps to rev up the radiance levels in your skin. As soon as Winter comes rolling into town the first thing I notice to change is my skins overall appearance. Dark undertones and lacklustre colour start to takeover meaning a radiance boosting moisturiser is a must.

GinZing Moisturiser also helps to give a bit of energy and life to your skin. In the Winter skin can easily look tired and dry with long dark nights reducing the amount of sun we get. A skin boosting moisturiser helps to counteract all that and holds onto that Summer glow for a bit longer. In terms of the Make A Difference Plus+ I would save this more for the evening or for those with slightly dryer or problematic skin. It is perfect for dehydrated skin and something I no doubt will be looking to repurchase to use again further into the Winter months.

*pr sample

  • Shannon Jones

    Always wanted to try these, they seem brilliant.
    Gorgeous blog x

  • Products from Origins sound quite promising:)
    Will try them soon!

  • Katy

    I love the GinZing moisturizer, its gorgeous! Might try the Make a difference too! :)

  • I should really look into this brand… I keep saying that I will but somehow I always forget to actually DO it, lol.

  • Alex Graff

    Hi love, I’m also a HUGE fan of Origins and recently bought the Ginzing moisturiser but I’m finding it leaves my skin still feeling tight even if I but a whole load on, so it’s probably not so good for dry skin like mine… next time I’ll try the Make A DIfference +! ;) xx