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Chelsea Nails Gel Manicure + Pedicure – £34

Whenever there is an impending holiday in my calendar you will always be able to find me booking a shellac manicure a week in advance. No matter what polish, trick, gel or top coat I try at home, I am never able to get my manicure to last throughout a holiday. The doomed polish peel almost always occurs and I am left with chips galore by the end of the week. To prevent me having to pack my entire manicure kit I instead opt for the shellac treatment. These are gel hybrid polishes that are cured under a UV lamp and last up to four weeks. I have spoken about them in the past as whenever I need my polish to last there is nothing else I will trust.

Luckily for me there is a highly skilled nail technician in Dorset called Chelsea. She runs an independent salon on her own and spends the days filling, filing and creating some beautiful nail art. One thing that sets Chelsea apart from the majority of nail salons is that she is willing to experiment and try things out. She is able to give you nail art with shellac polishes and uses glitter to give you a sparkling pedicure.

For this manicure I opted for a glitter accent nail on my hands and then had the same glitter applied to all my toes as a pedicure. Both the glitter and the polish is cured under a UV lamp meaning they will last throughout my holiday and even a fews weeks after. I now have one less thing to worry about when packing and can be rest-assured then when I don the flip flops my toes will be up to scratch.