TOMMYGUNS Jasmine, Wild Nettle Shampoo – £5.50* | TOMMYGUNS Jasmine, Wild Nettle & Sweet Almond Conditioner – £5.50*

When it comes to hair care I am a bit of a noob. Stylers, shapers and sprays I seem to have down to a tee but I become a right floozy in the shampoo and conditioner department. I am not loyal to a specific brand and I dabble in a variety of different makes and types. High end, low end it makes no difference to me or my tresses and because of that it means that new launches can end up flying under my radar. One of these is from the brand TOMMYGUNS.

If you haven’t heard of TOMMYGUNS before they are a haircare salon that have released an award winning professional hairecare range. With awards spanning from Grazia, Company and Hair Magazine, it was time for me to see what all the fuss is about. What’s different about TOMMYGUNS is that all their products are nature inspired, the ingredients and fragrances are fused together to create high quality performance. With a range of products suiting oily, flat or frizzy hair there is something to meet everyone’s hair needs.

New onto the scene is the Jasmine, Wild Nettle & Sweet Almond combo that is specially tailored for thirsty, dry and coloured hair. What I like about this duo is the fact that it not only caters for dry hair, it also helps to protect your colour. After a couple of uses my hair feels softer and the ingredients help to bring out the colour and natural shine in my hair. The best part too, these items sneak in at a truly bargainous price. That’s right only £5.50 a pop, it’s hard to go wrong!

*pr sample

  • Gemma Douglas

    I stopped colouring my hair last year but it’s been soo dry lately I think I’ll check these out. x