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Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid with Organic Lemon Oil – £9.18*

Watch out lips – there is a new balm in town! Keeping my lips soft and subtle is always at the top of my priorities list, there is nothing worse then dry lips that flake throughout the day and feel rough. Unfortunately for me I have very sensitive lips. Come rain or shine they require some form of TLC or nourishing balm throughout the day as without I am left with sore lips that make even the most moisture intense lipsticks fade away.  To date my saviour has been the Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm as this super thick balm was the only thing that could combat the dry texture. I still adore Dr. Lipp and it has been a saviour on my dry elbows, however a rather sweet tasting alternative has hit the market.

Available in Boots, Lanolips is a brand offering a range of lip products that contain over 70% Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin. In comparison to Medical Grade Lanolin this is three times more pure which makes it the purest and most safe premium lanolin in the World. What’s so great about this ingredient is that it closely resembles your own skins lipids. This means it is the best at replacing the hydration and nourishment your lips may be missing. Lanolips have gone and taken this winning formula one step further and released a limited edition Lemonade Lip Aid that contains Organic Lemon Oil. What’s great is that this oil naturally exfoliates the lips to leave them super soft. Nourishment and exfoliation all rolled into one whilst tasting like you are sipping on a Limoncello in Southern Italy, I couldn’t ask for anything more in a lip balm!

Have you tried anything from Lanolips before? What’s your favourite intensive lip balm?

*pr sample

  • Anna Nuttall

    Hi That sound like a really nice lips balm xx I look out for next time i’m in Boots. xx

  • Amy

    I would love to try this, anything remotely lemonade has me instantly!

    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • lauren

    This sounds really nice, especially with the scent lemon! :)

  • Celina

    This sounds lovely! I haven’t seen them in my local drugstores yet but I’ll have to keep my eyes out for them. I would say that one of my favourite intensive lip balms would have to be the one by Caudalie. Have you tried it before?

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

    • I haven’t tried the one from Caudalie. Tried the Nuxe lipbalm (stick not pot) and that’s really lovely =) xx

  • Ohhh I shall be checking this out. I am always on the look out for a natural and effective lip balm.