Batiste Conditioning Mist


Batiste Smoothing Conditioning Mist – £3.99*

It is well documented about my love for the brand Batiste. Until I was introduced to this wondrous dry shampoo I used to be one of those people that religiously washed their hair every day. This wasn’t good for my hair nor my time keeping skills, so understandably the day that Batiste came into my life was a revelation. I have tried a number of drugstore and highend dry shampoos since (with Philip Kingsley being my stand out one) however for a cheapy can that still does the job, Batiste cannot be beaten in my eyes.

With Batiste already dominating the dry shampoo market they have recently branched out and released a couple of new offerings, one of them being the Smooth Conditioning Mist. This is a product for dry hair that aims to fight dry and frizzy tresses. It is in invisible conditioning spray that is infused with Argan Oil. Just a couple of spritzes means your hair is transformed back into a sleek and manageable mane. I use this in tandem with my Lace Batiste Can, a couple of sprays of the dry shampoo to prevent a greasy fringe is now followed up by the Conditioning Mist to prevent my hair from becoming thick and dry.

As opposed to using a hair oil this is light and doesn’t leave any traces. It adds shine back into my hair that dry shampoo has dulled and I find that it makes my hair look softer and sleeker. Used in conjunction with a dry shampoo means that I am left with refreshed and smooth hair that doesn’t fly away. Hair perfection in my eyes!

*pr sample