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Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection – £32*

Warning – todays blog post is luxury overload. I am talking full on indulgence, next level bliss and complete delight. The item that is causing this moment of extravagance is these Bath & Shower Oils from Aromatherapy Associates. I’ve heard these products mentioned quite a bit before but figured they were just an expensive oil that looked nice but wasn’t anything to write home about. That was until I took a relaxing bath with a few drops of one of these magic oils. I say magic as it feels like as soon as the oil hits the water in the bath, the room around you is transformed into a tranquil spa (if only my bathroom looked like one!)

Inside this set are nine 3ml bottles that provides you with a completely luxurious shower or bath, even just lifting the lid of the box makes the gorgeous aromas start to fill the room. Within the Bath & Shower Oil Collection you get two oils from the Relax range, two oils from the De-Stress range, two oils from the Revive range and three oils from the Support range. Thanks to a lack of a shower head in my bathroom in Bournemouth, baths are a staple for me. This means these oils get used a lot and I love how each fragrance really suits their purpose.

This nine mini bottle set makes the perfect gift for someone special or even if you are traveling and know there may be a bath around for you to relax in. The set comes beautifully packaged and you really only need the smallest amount to transform a mundane bath.

*pr sample