The Skincare Game Changers


Over the years my tastes and interests have changed, as I’ve grown up my approach to skincare and makeup has evolved to focus less on the cosmetics and more on the items I use morning and night to try and achieve the perfect base. Since coming back from holiday (and even before going away) I have been raving about lighter bases, BB Creams and tinted moisturisers, I’ve even gone sans base for a while. All of this would not have been possible without the investment I have made into my skin. Although it’s easy to rave about a new product each week, there are some key items that have stood the test of time and changed my skin for the better

The chemical exfoliator – this is the first step I made into amping up my skincare routine. Before Alpha H Liquid Gold stormed the popularity scales I was pretty clueless about toners that could be used to exfoliate the skin using acid as opposed to the more traditional spherical beads. This method helps to prevent bacteria spreading whilst giving you skin an injection of renewal and radiance. I found this helped to clear my skin up, remove any dead skin cells and resulted in a more brighter finish to my skin.

The hydrating mask – I couldn’t talk about skincare without mentioning Caroline Hirons. If you haven’t done it yet I highly recommend you popping by her blog with a notepad and pen and delving into her cheat sheets and clinics. When I did this I made the discovery that my skin was dehydrated and quickly purchased the Origins Drink Up Intensive. This injects a bundle full of moisture back into my skin and after every use I wake up and my skin looking glowing and happy.

The treatment – a while back my skin had developed a number of tiny bumps on my forehead, nothing ever became of them but that sat under the surface refusing to disappear. Flummoxed with what to do I picked up the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo and started using it AM and PM. Needless to say this little tube cleared away the pesky bumps and has overall improved the condition of my skin whilst limiting breakouts.

The mask – if you are going to drop the pounds on one area of your skincare routine, do it on masks. I’m sure a better cleanser is more important but I just love a good mask. The REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask stands out for me and I am already on my second bottle. This gooey orange product acts like a mini facial in one as it brightens, tightens and clears up my skin. This adds some serious radiance to my skin and works too at chemically exfoliating away any nasties on your skin.

The oil and serum – this is the section I am most surprised by as I thought I would swear off oils and serums for the rest of my life. The reason being is serums baffled me and as an oily/combination skin gal, oils terrified me. All that being said I honestly don’t know how my skin survived without them. The Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil* is utterly divine and I look forward to applying it every night. Each time I use it it feels luxurious and it has helped to balance out my combo skin. Alongside the Night Oil the Aurelia Revitalise and Glow Serum* is it’s BFF. The two in tandem work wonders and my skin looks healthier, more even and the overall quality has improved.

Quite a lot of skincare talk going on today but without each of these products my skin would still be stuck in the hormonal teenage stage. Incorporating them has made the World of difference and my skin would be lost without them.

*pr sample