One More Day


Philip Kingsley One More Day – £13.50*

Dry shampoo is my saviour. Before I was introduced into this magical World I used to religiously wash my hair every day. Whether it was for work, Uni, a night out or if I was just popping down to the shops, I would always wash my hair before I left the house. Having naturally straight and fine hair with a side fringe meant that before I knew it the grease train would be in town and I would be worried that my greasy roots could be spotted from a mile away. Luckily for me a wise person invented dry shampoo which has enabled me to break my daily hair wash habit.

To date my fav dry shampoo brand is Batiste. For a bargainous price that can be picked up in your local Boots or Superdrug you can’t go wrong. They even released a can called Lace which doesn’t leave any white or grey traces in your hair. I’ve tried a few others on the market but nothing has compared. This was until one of my favourite hair care brands Philip Kingsley released One More Day.

This is a lightweight spray that refreshes your hair inbetween washes. Whilst absorbing excess sebum it also gives a bit of texture and volume to your tresses. You don’t get any dreaded grey hair streaks after use and compared to something like Batiste you don’t get any product build up. Since using this I haven’t reached for my beloved Batiste, even after getting my hair coloured and going a bit lighter this is undetectable and doesn’t make my blonde locks look dry or dull. My only worry is the price as I can go through a bottle of dry shampoo like quick sand. Reserved for a special occasion or the weekend this is perfect and keeps my hair looking clean and full of colour and life.

*pr sample

  • Sandy

    Ooo this sounds so good! I do love batiste but I think I get a bit too heavy handed with it ad sometimes my hair just ends up looking worse! I’d be interested o see how long his can lasts for the price!


    • I love how this doesn’t make my hair dry or frizzy which Batiste sometimes can. Just hope the can lasts!xx

  • Kim

    Unfortunately for me the grease train is always in town, I don’t think I could go out without washing my hair. I tried Batiste but it just didn’t work for me :(