All About Brows


Eyeko Brow Gel – £18* | Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil – £19

Oh brows – you really can be a tricky little bugger! No matter what tools I use I’ve always struggled when it comes to perfecting them. When I do put in the time and effort to tame them, it makes the World of difference, but those moments can be few and far between. I used to forgo filling in my brows and leave all care and attention down to the professionals. One salon trip a month to get them shaped and tinted was enough for me but recently I’ve been wanting to pay them a bit more attention. Not wishing things to be hard work I’ve introduced these tools into my makeup routine as they enable me to achieve subtle definition in seconds.

The first item is the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil which is hands down the best eyebrow pencil I have used. It has a super fine nib which means that individual hairs can be drawn on to gain definition whilst keeping things looking natural. I’ve read reviews that says this snaps easily but so far *touch wood* I’ve experienced no such problem. It also comes with a handy spoolie at the bottom of the pencil which I use to brush through my brows before and after using it to prevent any product build up.

The second item is a surprising addition to my brow routine – I’ve never been one for a brow gel and figured if I needed one I would just opt for a cheapy clear mascara. That was until I gave this Eyeko Brow Gel* a go. A lightly tinted gel that gives soft colouring to the brows whilst setting them in place. Sometimes when I am in a rush I just opt for this gel and I’m good to go. Naturally my brows are fine and need a bit of oomph adding to them so they stand out and define my face. I may still be dreaming that one morning I will awaken with Cara Delevigne brows but until then, these two tools keep them in check.

*pr sample