Introducing Kevyn Aucoin


The Sensual Skin Tinted Balm | Precision Brow Pencil | Sculpting Powder

If you are an avid reader of beauty blogs and lover of all things YouTube, you will have seen the brand Kevyn Aucoin popping up on more than one occasion. Recently the brand has been getting a whole lotta love and now I understand why. I put off picking anything up until I went to the States because a) prices are a bit cheaper and b) I wanted to make sure that I would use what I bought. If you have ever been to a Kevyn Aucoin counter you will appreciate how luring they are, sleek packaging and beautiful colours that make you want to swatch up to your elbow. With so much to choose from I settled on the above products for my first dip into the brand.

The Sensual Skin Tinted Balm – at the moment I am well and truly happy in the bracket of lightweight and natural bases, gone are the days of me lusting after full coverage foundations with a matte finish, now my motto is the lighter the better! When this tinted balm was first released there was a lot of hype surrounding it, some Space.NK counters even sold out. Promises of a sheer to medium coverage whilst looking radiant on the skin was enough to sell it to me so I picked up the shade SB02. Currently this is too light for my tanned skin but is a perfect match sans tan. Slightly thicker in consistency compared to a BB or tinted moisturiser, it melts into the skin to give a natural finish whilst masking any imperfections.

Precision Brow Pencil – this was an impulse purchase after deciding I needed to get a new brow pencil, I debated the Hourglass offering but didn’t fall head over heals for it’s slightly waxy pencil. Instead this is a super slim pencil that gives you real precision when it comes to brows. Upon first use I could’t see a difference as the colour payoff isn’t dramatic. I debated whether it worked but noticed that compared to my undone brow it gave me subtle definition without the Scouse look. I got the shade Ash Blonde which slightly darkens up my brows but prevents me from going overboard. I love the fact that it comes with a brush to comb through your brows to remove any powder that might build up and that thanks to the fine pencil my brows don’t end up looking like an extra in TOWIE ;)

Sculpting Powder – one of the most popular items from Kevyn Aucoin, this sculpting powder is a contour lovers best friend. As opposed to the bronzing properties that something like Nars Laguna offers, this creates a shadow on the face to give the illusion of better cheekbones. Placed along the hollows of your cheeks this creates a non-orange shadow to sculpt the face. I find this to be a bit muddy on my tanned skin but it does a great job of giving me faux cheekbones. If you are new to contouring or want to ensure you don’t end up too orange, this will be your best bet.

Have you tried anything from Kevyn Aucoin? What are your favourites?