Budget Beauty: Getting Smooth with Soap & Glory


Soap & Glory Daily Smooth Body Lotion – £10.00* | Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream – £10.50*

I have a confession to make – I am only a recent convert when it comes to the beautifully packaged delights that Soap & Glory have to offer. Their sinfully good body products are becoming centre stage in my bathroom and why I haven’t stocked up on their incredible scrubs before is quite rightly an outrage. Don’t ask me why as there is no rhyme or reason behind it, but it has taken me far too long to get my lather on with their shower gels. My first foray into the brand was for my birthday last year where I was lucky enough to add these beauties into my daily shower routine. Rightly so they got snapped up and used up so I was eager to dip my hands back into the pool of Soap & Glory and give some more of their hyped products a try.

As I am currently experiencing the peel of the century don’t worry I’ll give you that mental image for free I needed  to inject bundles of moisture back into my skin. To fight the dryness I put both the Daily Smooth Body Lotion and Smoothie Star Body Buttercream to the test, these are deliciously hydrating and give my skin exactly what it needs. I apply the Daily Smooth Body Lotion straight after my morning shower as it is slightly lighter in consistency. It is full of moisturising oils and butters that leaves my skin super smooth and smelling delicious. For a more indulgent moment (or as I like, just before bed) I apply the lightly whipped Smoothie Star Buttercream. With five oils packed inside I know my skin will be left hydrated throughout my beauty sleep.

Every product I have tried from Soap & Glory smell good enough to eat, and these are no exception. You know your body is in good hands with this brand and you can snap up their treats without breaking your purse strings. Now all I need is a Boots 3 for 2 so I can really stock up!

*pr sample