Fallen for Fresh


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 | Fresh Brown Sugar Rollerball

Over the past few weeks I have jumped head first into the World of the unknown and made my initial foray towards the land of the new brands. To start, I dabbled with the brand Kevyn Aucoin that you can read all about here, and now it’s time for Fresh. After numerous ravings from fellow bloggers and a fair few lusting trips at Sephora, I quickly stocked up (and so did my Mum!) To delve into the brand I snapped up some of their classic products that receive awards and praise throughout the beauty community, annoyingly hard to get hold of in the UK if you get the chance to try out their products or stock up for yourself, you will not regret it.

Sugar Lip Treatment – this is probably the most infamous item from the brand and something that has given me an entirely new outlook on lip balms. With seven options to choose from, ranging from the tinted to the advanced therapy, there is lip treatment to suit your lips. I opted for the classic transparent offering which is Fresh’s number #1 best seller. It glides onto my lips to nourish and smooth them and works perfectly as a base before lipstick or throughout the day to add moisturise. The inclusion of the SPF just means that this exceeds everything I look for in a lip balm and it’s slightly citrus flavour becomes quite addictive.

Brown Sugar Rollerball – similarly to the Lip Treatment this is Fresh’s most iconic fragrance that stems from the Brown Sugar Body Polish. It contains the citrus scent of lemon and tangerine mixed with sheer caramel and sugared magnolia.. Mixed together this creates a really refreshing fragrance that is perfect for during the day or an evening out with friends. Aside from the fact that rollerballs are the most handy thing since sliced bread, this keeps you smelling sweet throughout the day.

My lips have never felt so nourished thanks to Fresh and although their Lip Treatments jump into the bracket of luxury, they are a luxury that my lips adore. Have you tried anything from the brand before?

  • Oooh I’ve really wanted a nice rollerball for a long time! Do you happen to know where you can get this in the UK or another brand that does awesome rollerballs?


    • Sadly I don’t think you can get them anywhere in the UK – sometimes some gift sets contain them but they can be quite hard to come by xx

  • Kelly C.

    I love Fresh’s lip balms – they’re one of my favorites! I just wish they lasted longer. Because they’re so creamy, I find I go through them quickly!

  • I have had these on my Sephora wishlist for a while now, but may have to make the plunge. My lips get super dry in the summer, which makes no sense! Thanks for the review!

  • Emily Coulton

    I’d love to try that lip balm! I wonder if we can get them in the UK!?



  • Looove Fresh’s packaging, but I’ve never tried anything by them. I don’t know why, but they’re one of those brands where the products seem just a tad overpriced, even though the quality is really good. I feel the same way about Benefit. Shrug!

    • It’s a shame their price points are high but their products are just too darn good – better quality and value for money then Benefit I think xx

  • Coco

    Their lip treatments are SO good x