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Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

News alert – I now care about my cuticles. Shocker I know and top notch breaking news to bring to you this Monday morning. I’ve always been the kinda gal to slap on a layer of nail polish and leave it to chip until I can be bothered/it looks bad enough to be redone. Poor effort on my part I know but I’ve always found my nails to be a lot of faff and after about five minutes of attempting to achieve the perfect manicure I get bored and end up smudging all my hard work. In an attempt to be more nail savvy and to aid in achieving a more polished look, I’ve turned my focus to my cuticles. Gone are the days where they would be left to their own devices, I now have a gel and trimmer in tow to keep them in check.

First on the list is the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. A no fuss, quick and easy method of cleaning up your cuticles, all you do is pop this on to the base of your nails, rub it in, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it away. This helps to remove your cuticles and makes your nails look neater all whilst you can sit back and enjoy your fav YouTuber. That’s my kinda manicure! If you find that this gel isn’t enough I also picked up a Cuticle Cutter. This little device does look less then friendly but it helps to quickly cut away any dead skin or hang nails. This is the most effort I think I have ever put into my nails but incorporating these two new bits means that my manicure looks more on the profesh side then the hap hazard look. These two new tools even help Essie’s Fiji to look neat on my nails which used to be a near on impossibility.

Have you tried out any cuticle focused manicure tools before?

  • Emily Coulton

    I love that Sally Hansen cuticule remover, it really does work :) I’ve never seen that type of cuticle cutter before!