April Favourites


Whodathunk it would be the beginning of May today? April has very much been a buffer month for me, nothing overly exciting happened and my time has been spent saving and getting ‘beach ready’ for my holiday. I haven’t really ventured into anything new when it comes to skincare or makeup as each time I spy something I want to pick up I add it to my immense USA wish list. With a holiday and summer full of concerts on my horizon I used April to recharge my batteries, store away the pennies and stick to those key products that I know I can count on. This makes for a slightly uninspiring bunch of favourites but a few new bits have sneaked their way in hey I wouldn’t be a beauty junkie if they didn’t :P

Headmasters Miracle Repair Range* – these are my go to shampoo and conditioner picks at the moment. Recently I have been focusing more on the sleek and smooth style and embracing the natural straightness that my tresses refuse to deviate from. This range helps to inject moisture and nourishment into my hair and means that I can step away from the straighteners and curlers, and bare all with my natural locks.

Phil Smith Argan Oil – this is a recent addition to my hair care routine courtesy of Cosmopolitan (it featured as a freebie in their magazine recently). I have been using this on my hair each time I wash it and before I apply any heat. It aids in the creation of sleek, glossy locks and reduces the amount of flyaways I get. This is an oil within a cream so means it is a bit more lightweight and doesn’t make my hair flat.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze – after being a fan of the Palmer’s Moisturiser and Skin Therapy Oil I wanted to give their gradual tanning moisturiser a go. With Spring slowly peeking it’s head above the clouds, the call for cut off leggings and *shock horror* skirts is becoming more of a possibility  Not being one who likes to tan every week, I thought I would give this gradual tanner a go to inject a bit of bronzed glow to my skin. After only a couple of days I can already see a soft colour building up, it gives a natural finish but remember to wash your hands after applying it! I may have gotten orange webbed fingers from not doing so :P

Zara Black Peony – I am in love with this fragrance. A slightly lighter and much cheaper version of my much loved Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, I don’t think this bottle has left my handbag since getting it. It’s a perfect Spring/Summer fragrance and at only £7.99 it is a real bargain. The packaging is cute and sleek and I already want to stock up on other fragrances Zara have to offer.

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil* – I never thought I would be one of those people to rave about an oil. Since introducing this into my skincare routine I have become hooked and have already used up this travel bottle. Luckily the full sized bottle is already in my life and thank goodness it is as my skin has really improved since using it. The appearance and texture of my skin has become softer and more radiant and overall my face looks more revitalised.

Avene Micellar Lotion – I don’t think there is much that needs to be said about this micellar water apart from it’s amazing, leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean, removes all my makeup in one easy sweep and it doesn’t cause me to break out of leave my skin feeling tight. The perfect micellar water for me and one that doesn’t break the bank – perfection.

Taking a look over my looming States wish list I can already tell the next few months are going to be bumper packed. Let’s just hope my bank balance can handle it all!

*pr sample