111Skin Ground Control Tonic


111Skin Ground Control Anti Acne Tonic – £40*

Toners baffle me, I use one twice a day without fail as we are told they are good for your skin and act like the ‘cement’ to your skincare routine, however I never see a noticeable difference from using them. An acid based toner such as the Alpha H Liquid Gold has more of a visible difference on my skin but with a standard toner I flit between brands and types as none have ever made a massive impact. From this blog you will know that I do like my luxury items but reviewing a £40 toner is a whole new level of luxury. I have always been intrigued by those uber deluxe skincare brands and whether the price tag does give you a whole new skincare experience.

111Skin is one of those brands, aimed at offering a new approach to defying age, Dr Y Alexandrides created a high tech range to give you the most advanced anti-ageing treatments currently available. Anti-aging products are not something I am yet *touch wood* needing to reach for every day, but a skincare range developed with space scientists had me interested to say the least. This Ground Control NAC Y2 Anti Acne Tonic contains NAC Y2 that is present across the entire range, a fancy pants ingredient aimed at supporting your face. This toner is refreshing on my skin and either this (or combined with the rest of my skincare routine) has helped to keep any spots at bay.

As with all toners I haven’t noticed a groundbreaking difference since using this and even with the high price tag and scientific technology, I won’t be rushing back to pick up a second bottle. This might be better suited to someone with slightly more mature skin or issues with acne, but for my more normal skin this hasn’t made the biggest difference. Saying that it has been a welcome addition to my skincare routine and I will be using up every last drop.

*pr sample

  • There are so many good, more affordable toners… I don’t think I would ever pay 40 for one!