Beaty Edit: Spring Nail Polishes


Butter London – Bossy Boots | Kryolan Charming* | Essie Peach Daiquiri | Nails Inc Wellington Square* | Essie Turquoise & Caicos

Even though the thermostat is hovering below the 10º mark this weekend has marked the first weekend of the year that the sun has been shining and the thoughts of Spring have seemed actually possible. Thanks to Global Warming/Mother Nature/The Arctic Devil it has been freezing ever since Christmas. Snow, cold winds and ice temperatures have been around for far too long so with the excitement of a beautiful weekend (and my fingers and toes crossed for more) it’s only right to start preparing for Spring and picking those beauty products that have you dreaming of the warmer nights.

The first thing I change with the seasons is my nail varnishes. My skin sometimes can take a while to react and get into the groove of a new temperature so I like to embrace the change with the colours I pop onto my nails. Whether it be Autumn, Winter or (don’t jinx it) Spring, painting a different coloured lacquer helps me to get into the mood of the new season. With Spring comes pastels, brighter colours and those shades that just look that tad too bright for Winter. The above are my picks that will be on rotation throughout Spring and will hopefully encourage the Sun to shine that little bit brighter.

Starting with my pinky finger is Butter London in Bossy Boots. This is a murky green colour that is a more muted pastel shade. Perfect for the transition period this vamps up the colour without being too bright or overpowering. Next up is Kryolan’s Charming, very similar to my fav nail polish ever Essie’s Lilacism, this is a pastel lilac shade that gives great opaque coverage. Only one coat of Charming is all you need but I popped on a second to help it last that bit longer. I love soft purple on the nails for Spring and think they look great with any outfit. Next is the power colour – Essie’s Peach Daiquiri. This varnish packs a punch but sometimes you do just need a bright pink for your nails. This shade has more of a red undertone so no Barbie like nails over here. If this seems a bit much for your nails, this is the perfect pedicure colour for when the sandals make an appearance. Next is Nails Inc in Wellington Square which is my tanned skin best friend. A very peachy, orange colour it can look a little hard to wear but whenever you’ve got a bronzed glow (faux or real)  this is a winning match. Last but not least is Essie in Turquoise & Caicos. Some of you might be asking where Essie’s beloved Mint Candy Apple is and for me, here it is. This is a more muted version that I think is perfect for Spring. Mint Candy Apple I save more for Summer so for when it is slightly cooler, this is my go to green/turquoise. It is less of a pale pastel shade and as the colour is deeper it works great for that transition from Winter to Summer.

What are your favourite Spring nail varnishes?

*pr sample