As you may have heard either on Twitter, the news or even if you have recently logged in to your Google Reader account – Google have decided to call a halt to their RSS reader come the 1st July 2013. This was a big shocker to me as I use Google Reader religiously to follow blogs, websites and tumblrs. The thought of not having Google Reader left me in a state of shock but then I picked up my bags and jumped ship over to Bloglovin. Bloglovin has been around for quite a while and is a brilliant blog subscription service. It is user friendly, has a great interface and makes keeping up with all the latest blog posts from your favourites really easy.

If you are currently with Google Reader then do not fret as you are able to import all your subscriptions over. Here is a little step by step guide:

  • Login in to Google Reader and go to the setting cog on the top right of the screen, it sits under your email address
  • Select Reader Settings and then go to the Import/Export tab
  • From this tab you want to export your information through Takeout
  • Click on the download link and it will take you to a page where your reader starts to be archived
  • Once it is done click the red button creative archive
  • Download the zip file that is made as inside this zipped folder will live all your subscription information
  • Next go to Bloglovin and their import page:
  • Select choose file and navigate to the folder you downloaded from Google reader and find the file subscriptions.xml
  • This houses all your subscription info and will update your Bloglovin account with all the blogs you had followed!

Simples :) Bloglovin have said on Twitter that they are currently developing an easier way to transfer over all your info but if you can’t wait like me this is how to do it.

With the end of Google Reader it looks like GFC will soon be gone alongside it. If you want to make sure that you can still follow my blog and keep up to date with my daily posts then pop on by to my Bloglovin page: here. As I changed my blog name back in the early days there are a couple of incorrect links flying around – even the one I had linked to this blog! But I’ve now updated everything so make sure you are following my new and correct Bloglovin page.

If you have any questions pop a comment below or Tweet me @girlbeautyblog and I will do my best to help you out :)