QVC Nails


OPI Nail Varnish in Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous* | Nails Inc Nail Varnish in Wellington Square* | Seche Vite Top Coat*

I’m sure all of you reading this will have heard of QVC before. The TV channel shopping mecca that spends pretty much 24 hours a day selling you all things from electronics to beauty. I myself have never purchased anything from QVC before, but my Mum has been known to partake in a couple of deals! What’s great about QVC are the offers. Yes everything is trapped behind the screen of your TV box but if you know what you like and are looking for a bargain then it would be worth checking out the offers they have running. In the past QVC have had some brilliant bulk buy deals when it comes to the infamous Emma Hardie Cleanser and Alpha H Liquid Gold. However, they are not just a skincare heaven, they also do some rather smashing deals for those nail addicts out there. The above 3 products shows just a snippet of the goodies that can be picked up from QVC at the moment.

Nails Inc I would rate as my second favourite nail varnish brand – nothing can beat Essie at the moment :P Before I had got into the world of Essie, Nails Inc were at the top spot as I love their formulas, they have a diverse colour range and also who can complain when they do their offer in Boots with Diet Coke or pop up free in Glamour Magazine!? Wellington Square is a very light peachy coral shade that can look quite stark on your nails but is perfect for the summer when paired with a tan and some flip flops. You only need 2 coats for an opaque finish and it has a pretty good holding power on your nails.

OPI sadly is a different story. I have a confession to make – I hate their bottles! I don’t know what it is but I find their bottles to be quite honestly ugly and as petty as it sounds it really puts me off picking any up! Don’t get me wrong the do have some brilliant collections and unique limited additions but I just can’t get my head around their bottles. That being said, Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous is a unique gun metal grey colour that is great for a night out or if you want a darker colour on your nails.

To complete your manicure and make sure your nail varnish stays in place pop on a layer of Seche Vite Top to give your manicure an extra lease of life. This is quite a controversial top coat as the warning label on the product highlights some rather nasty chemicals. It however does the job brilliant and is one of the only top coats I know to really keep the varnish locked and in place.

If you are looking to pick up some new colours, want to grab a bargain or love a good offer check out QVC for everything they have at the moment.

*pr sample