CC Creams?!


Nip+Fab CC Cream Light SPF 30 – £14.99*
Nip+Fab Complexion Corrector Cream Eye Light – £9.95*

So I have just got my head around the world of BB Creams – with the Dr. Jart + Water Fuse one becoming a quick firm favourite – and now CC Creams have broken onto the market. The whole world of BB Creams pretty much passed me by and thanks to my less then perfect skin, foundations were still my go to choice of base. However with my skincare routine working what seems like miracles and with my working day consisting of being in a windowless dark room, I am embracing the world of lighter coverage. I have found a BB Cream that I feel comfortable to brace the outside world in and now it’s time to get my head around CC Creams.

CC Creams are the latest innovation in make-up and skincare and the letters in the name stands for colour control or complexion correcting. Similarly to BB Creams these hail from Korea and are apparently an improved and refined version of the BB Balm. Instead of being primarily a skincare product, CC Creams contain the same skincare benefits as BB Creams but also aim to provide more coverage. They also contains a high SPF so your skin is protected from UVA and UVB rays. Now, I am still slightly confused as to where these sit within your skincare routine. A BB Cream seems more like a tinted moisturiser whereas CC Creams have more of a primer feel as they correct any redness or blemishes on your skin. In the above photo I am just wearing the CC Cream as my base like I would a foundation.

One brand that have recently brought out a CC Cream are Nip+Fab (they also have released a CC Eye Fix as part of this CC craze). The CC Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise your skin and Oat Extract to tone and smooth. Packed inside the Eye Fix is Beeswax and Vitamin E to nourish the skin. Before I applied this I didn’t know what to expect. The colour is lighter then I currently am so I felt masked my face slightly (but a quick brush of bronzer over the high points of my face fixed this). I haven’t added any powder on top of this base and under my eyes is only the Eye Fix Pen (which I think gives pretty darn good coverage considering how worried I am about my dark circles!) The formulation is easy to apply and I would leave this to sink into your skin before adding any blush or bronzer. Overall I really like the light coverage this CC Cream provides. It is natural look yet still does a pretty decent job of covering any redness and blemishes. The Dr. Jart+ BB Balm pips this to the post for me but possibly the version in dark would be a better fit for me. I find this is more drying on my skin compared to the Dr. Jart+ offering so I need to be careful around any dry patches.

Have you tried out a CC Cream yet? L’Oreal have just released a range that are next on my list to try!

*pr sample

  • I’ve been wondering about CC creams and how they’re any different from BB creams so thanks for clearing it up! Your skin looks amazing and glowing, so I’ve just added these to my wish list. xx

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      My pleasure! I am very impressed with how it looks on my skin xx

  • I was looking for it, but I wasn’t able to find it in my local store which stock Nip+Fab. I definitely want to give it a go now, this just sounds like a perfection, as I suffer with very rosy cheeks. Hopefully it will help me tone it down. xo

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Oh no! They do have it online so maybe try there =) xx

  • This looks interesting! Loving the fact that they are high SPF – I see that loreal have brought some out too! Can’t wait to give these a try!

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Considering I think they would be quite a fad product I am rather impressed!xx

  • your undereyes look lovely and glowing! Ive had mega dark circles ever since I was young and even touche eclat doesnt do much for me as its not enough coverage but the eye fix looks great.

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      I have never got on with touche eclat – it did nothing for my dark circles. This however works a treat with them!xx

  • I really can’t keep up with all these creams… CC, BB, AA!! I’ve heard great thinks about the Dr Jart’s BB cream though :)

    Nicola xo
    Babbles About Beauty blog

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      The Dr Jart one is utterly fab!xx

  • Anonymous

    I really like how you showed you wearing it! great post! I love nip+fab so I might have to get this

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Glad you like the post =) xx

  • I haven’t tried a CC cream yet. Although I like the concept and am intrigued to see if it would work on me. I have quite rosy cheeks and get a red chin too so would love to have a product that cancelled that out.
    Your skin looks flawless in this photo!

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      I have pretty red cheeks too and redness round my nose – this covers it pretty darn well!xx

  • I was just literally asking myself what on Earth a CC cream was, so I’m glad I just found your blog :) Great post, you skin looks beautiful! xx

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Haha glad I could help!xx