Boots Haul


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Pump Lotion – £5.30 | L’Oreal Mega Volume Collagene Mascara in Black – £9.99 | Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Greenberry – £3.99

Oh late night Boots –  you are a beautiful beautiful place! I had my eye on a certain Chanel item (that is revealed lower down in this post) so headed off after work last week to indulge in some beauty splurging. I needed to pick up a new mascara (as all my current ones were getting a bit dry and icky) and I went for the L’Oreal Mega Volume Collagene Mascara in Black. This really makes my eyelashes pop and adds volume and length in one quick application. Whenever I wear it I always get comments asking if I am wearing false eyelashes – that makes it a winner in my books! Next on my list was to buy a replacement of the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil which I am down to my last drop of. Although I love the oil dearly, knowing I was about to drop a mini fortune in Chanel I went for the cheaper option and picked up the lotion instead. This is a very thick and moisturising lotion that leaves my skin smelling of cocoa butter for the rest of the day – nom! In a brief moment of nail varnish haste I added the Barry M Gelly Nail Varnish in Greenberry to my basket. I had heard some good things about this polish and wanted to give it a try for myself. General shopping done – now time for the Chanel counter!


Chanel Poudre Signée De Chanel Illuminating Powder – £46.00

Words can not describe how beautiful this powder is. Part of the Spring 2013 Collection Printemps Precieux De Chanel this is a highlighter that just oozes luxury. From the outer box to the packaging to the embossed Chanel logo in the powder – everything about this is just fabulous. Another highlighter I did not need, especially one sitting at the £46 price point, but as soon as you swatch this powder it is hard to forgot about it. It is a very soft pinky powder that has a slightly frosty finish. It is super pigmented and when applied to the face it highlights and accentuates a dream. The powder is very finely milled so it doesn’t give up large chunks of glitter on the skin and it stays put throughout the day. A totally unnecessary purchase but one that is a complete indulgence. I will be putting up a blog post dedicated to this beauty soon so that you can see it on the skin. If you find one on a beauty counter near you – snap it up! You won’t regret it ;)

  • Anonymous

    i’ve always wanted to try palmer’s cocoa butter. amazing blog ^_^

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Thanks love!xx

  • Whats on your tulips

    I recently got the coco butter too and I love it best body lotion I have ever used. They also do a self-tan which smells so nice in comparison to most tans. x

    Whats On Your Tulips

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      It’s so super thick and moisturising isn’t it!xx

  • I bought the Barry M polish recently too! I love it, it’s my new fave! :) xx

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      It’s such a lovely bright neon colour!xx

  • The chanel illuminating powder is gorgeous! xx

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      It’s so super pretty!xx

  • Gorgeous haul. I really want that nail polish, i love the gelly hi shine formula :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      They are great aren’t they!xx

  • Ahhhhh that highlighter is just stunning, I could stare at it all day. I need to pick up some gelly nail polishes asap :-)

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      I have been doing :P xx

  • That Chanel powder is just so gorgeous, xoxo.

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      It really is!xx

  • I love the cocoa butter! Its one of my favorites! And ugh that chanel powder is so pretty! Xx

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      My skin has been drinking it up!xx

  • Great buys, girly! I want that Chanel powder!

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      You need it! :P xx

  • I would love to read your review on the Chanel Illuminating Powder <3 It's such a pretty print!

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      It will be up soon =) That’s if I can stop staring at it and start using it!xx

  • I am extremely jealous of your Chanel powder! The print embossed on it is to die for! Rachel xx

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      It really is! Utter luxury!xx