REN No.1 Purity Balm


REN No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm – £23.00*

Keeping on the Winter skincare kick I have another new addition to my routine that is thick, balmy, luscious and perfect for Winter! It is a cleanser from REN and comes in the form of their No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm. As soon as Winter comes knocking on our door the big skincare kick is for balms. They are more gentle to your skin in the colder months and help cleanse the skin whilst keeping all the important nutrients and moisture in. I have never used a balm cleanser before and at first wasn’t really sure about it. I’m not a fan of foaming cleansers (the foaming devils for your skin!) but I do like ones that have a bit of a lather or oomph when applied to your skin. Oils I have tried and hated but this was my first venture into the world of balms.

I have been using the cleanser pretty much every night now for the last month and I have to say – I am impressed! I scoop a small amount of this product out of the tub and apply it to dry skin and then run my hands under some warm water and start to massage the product into my skin. This process not only removes your makeup and cleans your skin, it also turns the balm into a sort of milky texture that can be worked around the face. The guide on the tub recommends that you massage this over your face for a couple of minutes (which, when I have the patience I do) otherwise I make sure I pay special attention to any problem areas or new breakouts. After using this cleanser my skin feels clear, clean and most importantly there is no dryness or tightness in sight. My only gripe about this product is that I have tried to use it to take my eye makeup off but it sent me to stingy eyes city. You will need to use a separate eye makeup remover but I usually prefer to do this anyway to ensure everything has been taken off. Also for some reason REN has changed the packaging for this cleanser from the tub form you see above to a squeezy tube. You get 50ml less in the tube version and also customers have complained it’s harder to get the last remaining bits of the cleanser out. It looks like REN have made a bit of a rash move on this change so if you can find the tub version my recommendation is to pick up that!

I have really enjoy using this cleanser and it helps to calm any redness or dry patches that have appeared throughout the day. A bit Winter thumbs up from me!

*pr sample

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