Keep Your Lips Soft In Winter


Elemis FreshSkin Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm – £8.00*

Lips are always the part of my face that I struggle with. They forever seem to be dry, slightly peely (god I’m sexy!) or sensitive. No matter which products I slap on and what treatments I use I always seem to have the same problems. To counter act this you will find lip balms and sticks dotted around my room and handbag to help out and soften up my lips yet still the problems persist. My most favourite lip balm to date has been the Pai Bergamot Lip Balm (which you can read all about here) but now Winter is blowing it’s harsh cold winds around town, I needed something with a bit of added umph. Also I prefer lip balms in a tube as I have a bit of a pet hate when it comes to pots of lip balms as your finger is always left greasy and it never feels that hygienic! To try and help my lips out in this colder season I have turned to the Elemis FreshSKin Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm.

Elemis are a brand I’ve heard about, have heard great things about but never delved into. I’m not sure why this brand has never been that appealing to me, it may be that I don’t particularly find them that ‘new’ or ‘exciting’ which is a shame as I think they could have some great staple items, including this lip balm. They have a range called FreshSkin, which this product comes from, and it is aimed at teens to mid-twenties. I guess I just about fit into this range now as I’m getting on a bit :P but am trying to hold onto my youth! This peppermint lip balm its a clear gel like consistency that you can squeeze onto your lip. It’s refreshing to apply and most importantly very very nourishing. It contains Vitamin E and three different oils to look after your lips and I feel like it doesn’t like a film on your lips after use. My lips feel moisturised and still do hours later. I find that this really helps in the Winter and it even helps out when my lips are having a sensitive moment.

There are a few other bits I have been trying out recently by Elemis and I am pleasantly surprised! Have you tried anything from them before and what are your stand out favourites?

*pr sample

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