Budget Beauty: Batiste for Christmas!


Limited Edition Wild Batiste Dry Shampoo Trio – £4.99*

Another post about how much I love dry shampoos – are you sick of them yet? :P Batiste have recently come out with a mini gift set of three of their wild dry shampoos, Savanna, Wild and Mamba that you can grab for a bargainous price of £4.99. Now you can have party perfect hair on the go! This set is being marketed around the festive period of Christmas and although they may not be on the top of my stocking filler list (a large can of Batiste Lace is!) this little set would be perfect for a secret santa or office gift. There is also a nifty competition included in this gift set that is in conjunction with Motel Rocks. Voluminous and non greasy hair win a side of the chance to win a £300 wardrobe? Don’t mind if I do! Not just that, everyone who gets one of these gift packs also receives 20% off from Motel Rocks!

I really like the mini can’s of Batiste and always keep one in my car (possibly not the wisest thing upon reflection, aerosols in a car!? no so sure that is a good idea!) and also at work. You never know when your hair might need a little burst of life so having a mini can handy is perfect. Also, the wild cans have great fragrances that add a lovely fresh smell. The perfect party edition and Christmas season handbag must!

*pr sample

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