Winter Perfume Perfection


Versace Yellow Diamonds 30ml – £32.00*

I have quite a story to tell when it comes to this perfume! When I was at the recent Avon event for their Arctic Goddess launch I got to meet the beautiful Sam from Pixiwoo. After a few minutes of fumbling my words and wondering what the hell to say to her (apart from the standard ‘totes love your videos!’) we got chatting about weekend plans and the usual girly talk. She popped off to get some food and left the most gorgeous perfume scent behind. She came back (cue more word fumbling!) and I just had to ask her what perfume she was wearing. Instead of just giving me a name, smiling politely and walking off, she instead took me to one of the penthouse suit rooms where they had set up camp and left all their bags and beauty bits. She popped in and bought out this stunning yellow bottle and raved about the scent and how she had just been sent it but already couldn’t get enough of it. Sam let me give myself a spritz of the perfume and I spent the rest of the evening constantly smelling my arm! Towards the end of the night the face of Avon, Alisha Dixon, was standing chatting to both Sam and Nic and I popped by to thank them for a great evening. I told Sam how I was pretty much instantly obsessed with the perfume and that I couldn’t stop smelling my arm! Alisha then asked what the perfume was and began sniffing my arm too! The whole thing sounds quite absurd now but it made me laugh at the time and this perfume became the top item on my wish list.

What’s great about this perfume is that it has a strong, intense scent that lasts on the skin all night making it a perfect evening perfume but, it doesn’t overpower you to the point of being too much. I had never tried a Versace perfume before and kind of just assumed they would be overpriced and far too fragranced for my liking, but for £32 this is a middle of the range price and it comes in a super indulgent gold, yellow bottle with an encrusted lid. The packing comes off a tad tacky but this is soon forgotten once you smell it. The slight woody fragrance with notes of pear sorbet and freesia add a subtle lightness to prevent this perfume from being overpowering and I love how even at the end of the night this scent is still going strong.

*pr sample

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