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Welcome to the Thursday Edit! You may have noticed that I have added a ‘features’ section to my sidebar on the right that links to posts that are weekly/monthly features. My blog will always be a place for honest, candid beauty reviews (as lets face it I could sit and review beauty products until I am blue in the face!) but I like evolving my blog and watching it grow as I grow and change. I think features are a great way of breaking things up, adding some diverse content to my blog and also providing a basis for me to talk about other things or different products in a non-review like style. The Thursday Edit is going to be a feature whereby I pick and select my favourite products for a certain scenario or purpose. For example my best picks for oily skin, favourite pastel nail polishes or best budget beauty buys. I tend to get a bit over organised with my blog but I’m hoping that introducing some new features will help to break things up a bit!

The first Thursday Edit is going to be all about my skincare shelf. In Bournemouth I have a desk that houses all my makeup, a big beauty box where I keep all my backups or products I am not currently using and then my ‘skincare shelf’ which is on top of a chest of draw. This is where I keep all the skincare I am currently using and it gets rotated depending on the season, weather and also how my skin is currently acting. It may look like a lot and not everything gets used everyday but these are being reached for at the moment to help clear away some blemishes whilst keeping the moisture locked into my skin. The products I use on a daily basis are:

Clarins Water Purify One-Step Cleanser which I use in the AM to cleanse my skin (review here)
Naked Up Tone Girl Toner to tone my skin in the AM and PM (review here)
Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturiser as an AM moisturiser
Lavera Body Spa Rose Body Lotion that I apply after every shower
– Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Roses and Green Tea to take off my makeup at night (review here)
Nuxe Reve de Meil Ultra Comfortable Face Cream for Night which is my PM moisturiser
Origins Spot Remover Pads* that I have been using AM and PM to fight the blemish!

Products that I use more ad-hock are:

Lierac Diopticerne Eye Cream that I apply most nights to help reduce the appearance of dark circles
Alpha H Liquid Gold that I use every other night to keep blemishes at bay
Caudalie Beauty Elixr to help calm my skin down
Origins Make A Difference Plus+* that I have been recently trying out and I have been using in conjunction with my other moisturisers when my skin is feeling dry
Origins Super Spot Remover to pop on any red blemishes
Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Water Spray if my skin is looking dry, needs refreshing or just to pass the time :P

I also have a couple of hair bits hovering around on my skincare shelf and they are:

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil* that I use every day to tame flyaways without adding any weight to my hair (review here)
Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner* for whenever my hair gets dry and unruly from too much dry shampoo this dry conditioner puts it right back in its place! (review here)

A lot of the above products are fairly new additions but I have really been loving them and so has my skin. Expect to see full reviews of them soon! I would also love to know what you think of these different features, whether you like them and what else you would like to see on my blog. I love reading your comments and feedback and what you guys like to read =)

*pr sample

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  • ooh will have to try the percy and reed dry conditioner :)

  • Wow you have quite a few products there! I really want to try out the Origins spot remover!


  • I really wanna try the origins spot removef!!:)

  • great post – thanks for sharing x

  • Oh god, that shelf is making me weep. Stop making me want products!


  • Really want to try Alpha H Liquid Gold!

    Rachel from x

  • Ooh I’ve added so many products to my wishlist for payday after seeing this xx

  • Wow great skincare post. The only item from this list I’ve tried is the Alpha H Liquid Gold. I found it a little harsh for my skin and made my spots worse. Shame really as i know a lot of people swear by and love it :)

    • Thanks love! That is a shame! I know a few people that have had bad experiences with it, I just try and make sure I don’t use it too often xx

  • Loving the different features on your blog! Especially Blast from the past, which was a great idea. Loads of new things I want to try thanks to your post ha xx

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      I’m so glad you like them =) Thanks for your feedback xx

  • Interesting post, I love reading about everyone’s skincare. I do a series of edit posts like these on my blog too and funnily enough my series is called the same. Must be something about thursday’s. ;) x

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Haha it must be =) xx