Origins Plantscription Foundation


Origins Plantscription Foundation with SPF 15 in 03 Light Warm* – £28.00

I’m am on a rave loving roll! This post is very overdue but the main reason why is because I have struggled to put into words how much I love this foundation. Sounds dramatic I know but it’s true. I’m talking holy grail status here guys! Every time I start of this post I just end up with the words ‘OMGEEEZ LOVE THIS ON MY FACE’ and well I like to think I am more coherent and eloquent at writing then that but when it comes to this I don’t think I am! I have loved and raved about many another foundation and yes there are some sitting hopeful in my vanity that think they are going to be picked but, every day since getting this foundation I haven’t changed or wanted to pick up anything else. And from me that is saying a lot considering I used to switch around between about 3/4 different foundations a week! So why is there such an exuberance of love for this? Well, it’s dewy yet provides coverage to the point I hardly reach for concealer (even with blemishes). It is light on the skin with a slight watery consistency yet looks natural and blends in like a dream. Even in the cooler months it feels moisturising and doesn’t cling to any dry patches yet is lightweight enough to use during the warmer months as well. I don’t think the price is too bad considering what other high end foundations can retail for and Origins have a pretty decent colour selection with 11 colours to choose from.

There is very little if not anything negative I can say about this foundation (maybe a pump would be nice :p) but it really is hands down my favourite foundation at the moment. I had been on the hunt for a new one for quite a while and a few did come close but this has now blown them all out of the water. My only slight confusion with this foundation is that it is an anti-aging formula. This is apparently down to the use of Anogeissus which is a natural wound healer and antimicrobial (a substance that kills/prevents the growth of bacteria). This ingredient gives age and pore correcting effects which, apart from the age claim, I do have to agree with. Although it’s anti-aging properties are not one that would have me rushing out to buy this foundation the fact that it doesn’t fade throughout the day and has a pretty decent holding powder (meaning no bathroom breaks to blot out any shine breakthroughs!) does. If I haven’t said it by now then here it is in black and white. I blooming love it!

P.S – yes I am wearing my Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in this post! The colour is just too beautiful not to!

*pr sample

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