Origins – Helping Keep Spots At Bay


Origins Spot Remover – £22.00*

Whenever I have breakouts or blemishes popping up there is one brand I always flee to to help get my skin back into spot free condition, and that’s Origins. From their infamous Super Spot Remover (which I swear I have been using since I was about 16) to their Clear Improvement Mask, that I have reviewed here, they have a brilliant range of skincare heroes that help to zap away those nasties. A recent addition to these skincare wonders is the Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads. Soaked in Salicylic Acid (which exfoliates the skin and helps to improve texture and colour) these little magic pads are to be used both in the morning and night on clean skin to help keep blemishes at bay. Alongside the spot fighting Salicylic Acid these pads also contain Saw Palmetto, a fruit extract. This works at minimising excess oil and bacteria on the skin to prevent any future breakouts.

Compared to something like the Alpha H Liquid Gold, I find these treatment pads are less harsh on my skin and therefore work better for everyday use if you want to prevent breakouts. I would turn to the Liquid Gold if my skin was in need of more extreme treatment but at the moment sticking to the Spot Remover pads each day seems to be doing the trick! I like the way you feel your skin is getting that extra clean and spot check everyday and with my skin being so up in the air at the moment these have helped to bring it back to a state of normality! Although for £22 you get 60 pads, using two every day would mean that a pot would last you 30 days/a month. Forking out £22 every month for this pot I think is a little extreme I don’t think I will use them every day single, however for those days when my skin is a bit more oily, is in need for some TLC or make have a pesky spot wanting to rear it’s ugly head this treatment pads are perfect!

*pr sample

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  • Ooh these sound good, and look similar to the clearasil ones i use when my skins in a bit of a state!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • I really want to try these!!

  • Oooh, seems like a really great product, definitely something to try. :) Love your blog, I’m your newest follower! x

  • Love the look of the chanel, always wanted to try them, might add it to my Christmas list x

  • I really want to try these but £22 a pot is so much! Been trawling eBay and blog sales but I’m always a little unsure of buying second hand. May have to save up for a little treat :)

    Steph xx