Blast From The Past #10


Dior Diorskin Poudre Shimmer All Over Face Powder in Amber Diamond – £32.00

This is one of those products that I have had for a while but am constantly falling in and out of interest with. I say interest as don’t get me wrong I always love this product (I mean come on it’s hard not to!) but I have never really found myself reaching for it everyday. I don’t know whether it’s the price that puts me off so I don’t want to use it up too quickly or whether I don’t find the colour payoff that brilliant on my skin-tone to warrant me using it everyday but, whatever the reason this powder mainly sits in my draw. Although it may sit a little unloved it is always there if I’m feeling blue and just want to look at something pretty.

Amber Diamond is just simply beautiful. From the packaging, to the velvety bag to the colour gradient that just keeps you mesmerised, this powder is just gorgeous and even if you don’t get the most amount of use out of it sometimes it’s nice just to buy something that is pretty! And boy is it’s pretty! As the dodgy looking photo above shows (my aim at trying to get light reflecting swatches!) this powder ranges from a very pearlescent almost white colour through to a more deeper bronzer brown tone. Either all mixed together, having a colour picked out a blended on the cheek bone or even brushed over your eye as a shadow this highlighting powder does live up to it’s beauty. Even time I reach for this product I feel like it is a ‘Blast From The Past’ as I’m not always applying it – but each time it graces my cheeks there is that Dior glow that makes any girl smile.

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