Ted’s Sweet Treat Purse Sprays


Ted’s Sweet Treat Purse Sprays* – £15.00

The other week a very sweet treat arrived! So sweet in fact that it was a mistake to be delivered at work as my colleagues quickly spotted the jar of sweets and all ran over hands wide open! Initially I thought I had just been sent a jar of sweets but ever so carefully disguised within was a wrapped up box that yes, the sweets had to be eaten to get to! The jar of sweets and buzz around the hash-tag #tedsweettreat was all because Ted Baker have recently launched a trio of purse sprays that are the perfect size to pop into your handbag whilst being sweetly fragranced. Available from Boots and Ted Baker stores these perfumes are just what you need when on the go or in need of a bit of a pick me up. With a choice of 3 different characters there is a Sweet Treat just for you!/p>

My fragrance is ‘Polly’ which is a blend of mandarin, white jasmine, peach and honeysuckle. Sounds very floral and sweet and whilst yes, the smell is sweet, it doesn’t overpower you or leave you feeling like you should have tooth ache! The bottle itself has a gorgeous encrusted Ted Baker gem stone lid  and comes in a triangular almost cake slice shaped box that opens half way to reveal the fragrance inside. Alongside Vida and Cate, Polly makes this new release perfect for gifts, birthdays and also for the looming Christmas season!

*pr sample

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