Blast From The Past #7

It seems a bit strange to be writing this post when I am still getting comments on my last ‘Blast From The Past’ post that featured the ultimate Urban Decay Naked Palette! What can I say you guys just love a bit of the old Naked Palette :P What I’ve found from doing these features is that products I use everyday I seem to forget to mention. I know it sounds odd but for some reason some of my most staple items I hardly talk about as to me they just seem like general knowledge, you know I love them! One of these is the MAC Blot Powder – shocking I know another MAC product?! Well this is a MAC product that I have had for years and pretty much reach for everyday. This lives in my mini hand makeup bag, comes on holiday with me and is constantly used throughout the day to combat any pesky shine or just to give my face a bit of a touch up. It’s perfect at getting the job done and because it is transparent it doesn’t pack on any colour or make you look cakey. It simply removes the shine like it was never there in the first place. Apologies for the below photo – have I mentioned that I used this pretty much everyday and that I need a new one?!
The MAC Blot Powder can be picked up for £20 (which I have a feeling has gone up since the last time I bought it) and I use the shade Medium. It comes with a powder puff and there is a mirror in the lid making it perfect for touch ups on the go. It’s a staple product of mine that to be honest half the time I forget about as it’s just always there and always used. I have thought about trying out a different blot powder and no doubt when I have some spare pennies lying around I will find it hard to resist, but after buying multiple backups and new ones I know this blot powder will always remain.

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  • I probably prefer the Rimmel stay mate powder aha, a quarter of the price:)

  • sounds good, but pricey. I love my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • feel like i’m reading my own post or something ;) our views on this product are the EXACT same! i carry it round with me everyday as it combats shine like no other!
    Nadia xo

  • I love this. I literally cant leave the house without it. I find that it last for ages as well.

    Lorna x

  • Amy

    I’ve never actually tried any MAC/foundations, just blushers/lipsticks and eyeshadows. I enjoy using my cheap Collection 2000 powder and have done for years, I think it’s fab :) There is something that I love about these domed little compacts! Lovely little sleek design xx

  • This is definitely one of my all time favourite powders but I have settled for Rimmel Stay Matte powder because it is relatively cheaper and does the same job! x